Amare Onboarding Next Steps

Welcome to the team

We are so excited to welcome you to Amare and the NEXT LEVEL of growth!

Please make sure you have joined our team group

Here’s the link :

There’s a few questions to answer when you accept our invitation to the group as we have a lot of valuable information inside only for our team

When you get in there please make sure to see the “WELCOME START HERE” post

It’s pinned to the top of the group so you don’t miss it


Download the Amare Builder App on your phone if you haven’t yet done it

Get familiar with our 4 main Facebook groups.

The Modern MLM Movement for business prospects

Go Here : The Modern MLM Movement

The Future of Mental Wellness for product prospects

Go Here : The Future of Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness Members Only for customers

Go Here : Mental Wellness Members Only

We’ll invite you to those groups and have given you the links to them now so you have them saved somewhere safe

The Social Swagger Leaders is our group for Wellness Partners.

Go Here : Social Swagger Leaders For Wellness Partners
Start your 11 day launch plan in Guide 1.

Once you finish your 11 day launch plan you’re going to move onto the grow phase of your journey in Guide 2

To get weekly text announcements and reminders from Bec Text “Amare” to +1 (917) 708-7114 and follow the prompts to enter your information into Bec’s contact list

Put our weekly Team Training Calls in your calendar. Tuesdays at 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Link to join:

All of this is inside the group in Guide 1 Welcome To The Team

We just like to make sure our new team members get what they need as quickly as possible

If you have any questions at all or need any specific product information, scientific info etc just let us know

You’re now working with the largest team inside of Amare dedicated to your success allowing you to build your business and your customer base as simply as possible with weekly trainings, guides, monthly business presentations etc

One word of caution – slow and steady wins the race

Do not rush as this like a mad thing (however excited you may be) and break the system we’ve created for you because it works but only if you follow the plan!

For instance, don’t try and use Facebook and Instagram when you first start. Choose your favourite and get success with the one you prefer before trying to learn and incorporate the other

Chris and Susan

CEO’s : Lifestyle Business Solutions LLC
Retirement Lifestyle Podcasters & Coaches
Authors : The Mindset Shift, Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle, Goal Setting Success Secrets
Co-Authors : Retire Inspire, Mature Entrepreneurs Talk