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  • The secret to selling ANYTHING, without scripts or mind games. Once you get this concept you’ll see how to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business. (Page 34)
  • How to start enrolling people overnight and quickly grow a massive team WITHOUT talking about your company. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Top Earners.
  • The absolute BEST WAY to attract prospects and start earning EVEN IF they never join your team. I used this to kickstart my list... got 323 red-hot leads… and even funded my first year in business within 3 months. (Page 30)
  • How to build a simple online “doorway” which invites an endless stream of high-quality prospects every day. I’ll show you the most effective way to attract a huge number of prospects and have them invite themselves to join your team. (Page 57)
  • How to get thousands of people to TRUST you, hang on to your every word and enroll… all with a single email
    (Page 77)
  • How to add NEW streams of revenue to fund your monthly expenses and stop the bleeding. You can set this up in one hour and automate 90% of your prospecting and cover your costs. (Page 31)
  • Want to promote your company’s products online? 90% of what networkers do to retail online FAILS miserably… but here’s a simple 5-step process to make sure you hit the bull’s eye when you launch. (Page 40)
  • How to turn the tables on all the skeptics and boneheads… NEVER AGAIN deal with people who look down at your business… and Get Qualified & Interested Prospects Only!
  • Ever email your prospects? This is where most people BLOW IT… here’s the most important tip you will ever hear about inviting and enrolling via email. (Page 79)
  • ​A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and have people enrolling onto your team every single day without warm or cold prospecting. (Page 17)
  • ​Should you lead with your product or business for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you.      (Page 39)
  •  ​A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your marketing posts, videos or ads jump out, grab your prospect’s attention. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. (Page 25)
  • A 5-step “Success Blueprint” to building a virtual machine which pumps high-quality prospects to you and grow a HUGE organization. (Page 22)
  • The single biggest secret large companies use to sell en masse to a lot of people… and how the exact same strategy can help you to reach large hidden audiences on social media. (Page 36)
  • How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY build relationships with your prospects… enroll new team members and retail customers… without talking to a single soul. (Page 73)
  • How to start on a tiny shoestring budget and actually turn prospects who never join your business or buy your product into THOUSANDS of Dollars in profits. (Page 28)
  • ​And much, MUCH MORE

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I Created A New Income Stream & Quit My Job...

​"Since stumbling across Attraction Marketing Formula my life has changed. I generate leads daily who come to me (which is great as I HATED prospecting!) The strategies I learned have enabled me to create an additional income stream and quit my job. I’m now free to do what I love everyday and help others do the same."

​Jenny Stevens​ UK

Starting From Absolute Zero I Created a New 5 Figure Part-Time Income...

"As a Doctor of Physical Therapy by day, and struggling network marketer by night, I was the farthest thing from a tech savvy online entrepreneur. Within 6 short months after picking up Attraction Marketing Formula, I created a new 5 figure part-time income, starting from absolute zero."

​Dr  Jim Storhok MI

No More Stress and Worry About Where I’m Going to Find My Next Prospect...

​"What I learned from Attraction Marketing Formula has changed my approach. I no longer operate from a state of stress, worried about where I’m going to find my next prospect. Using this system I’ve been able to generate well over 1,000 new leads, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, close sales on autopilot, and recruit new team members into my business."

​Kelly Lynch Verbosh PA