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The Life Of An Entrepreneur

One of our favourite books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson The gist of the book is – each day, we make a multitude of what seem to be “tiny, insignificant” decisions.  However, those decisions compounded over years/decades define the quality of your life. We’ve read it many times, listened to the audio in the car […]

3 Step Process For Recruiting On Facebook

3 Step Process For Recruiting On Facebook

In this post you’ll discover how to leverage social media recruiting tactics to attract a never-ending flow of red hot prospects with Facebook sponsored posts. And how you can quickly convert up to 70% of your prospects into paying customers and business partners through a simple follow-up process using video chat. Picture this… You share a blog post […]

7 Steps To Become An Extraordinary Entrepreneur

There are two types of entrepreneurs in the world… Average entrepreneurs and extraordinary entrepreneurs. And there’s a BIG difference between the two, especially in terms of how much money you can make and the kind of lifestyle you can achieve. This post is intended for entrepreneurs who aren’t content to settle for average and don’t mind putting in a […]

Follow The Leader

As we took our daily walk this morning we have to begin with a climb up a narrow pathway and we take it in turns to lead the way… When we got to the top we stopped to get our breath and chatted about this expression follow the leader We both remember as kids growing up being […]

Six Ways To Build Relationships

We were recently training at an event on how we had built our six figure business and thought you might like us to share with you the six ways to build relationships and have people like you and buy from you. We might live in a digital age where you think it’s not so important but […]

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