How To Leverage To Win In A $112 Billion Dollar Marketplace

shutterstock_155347391This video will show you how to leverage to win a $112 Billion Dollar Market Place (Adult Education)

Please watch to the end to understand how the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle fit together and how you can benefit from this as an entrepreneur,  business owner or just starting out online and wanting to create your own financial independence

You will hear about The Four Percent Group and Internet Marketing College




The Four Percent Group is a private online membership group where members get access to world-class systems, training and more!

The Internet Marketing College is as the name implies as “college” style education system for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them start or expand their business through a combination of online learning and physical education just like you would in a university and attending in person.

The 3 C’s Event is an event held each year where you learn how to Create Traffic, Capture Leads and Convert Sales  August 2016 it is being held in Scottsdale Arizona USA

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