If I Could Do It All Over Again

We hope you recognise who the famous entrepreneur is in this photo?  It is the famous Virgin Boss Richard Branson!

Finding the courage to follow your vision and start a new business often hinges on taking that first step.

In his latest article for the New York Times Syndicate team he discusses how he would begin if he could do it all over again.

Q: If you were 24 today, and you were given a budget of $3,000 to start a business, what kind of business would you choose? What if the budget were around $25,000?

A: That’s an easy one. It would definitely be some kind of Web-based business, and I’m not sure it would make a difference if I had $3,000 or $25,000 to start out.

One of my favourite sayings is, “90% of life is just showing up,” because finding the courage to pursue your vision and start a new business often hinges on just that first step.

Once you’ve spotted an opportunity in a given sector, having the confidence to follow your dream and raise that first crucial bit of financing is often the hardest problem facing a budding entrepreneur.  The following two questions reminded me of how I established some of my first businesses, and how I’d begin again if I had the chance.

You can read the full article at LiveMint.com

So if you have been thinking about it then now is the time to take that all important first step.   Pick up the phone and call us.

Chris & Susan

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