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Network Marketing The New Way

Why Home & Hotel Meetings Are Obsolete in Today’s Network Marketing World

Our first experience of network marketing was back in 2004 and we went to a hotel meeting...

A man at the front of the room began drawing circles on a white board

As accountants we loved the concept and joined but of course with working full time in our management consultancy practice and despite being told what to do (including inviting people to our home) we quickly ran out of friends and family and gave up!

And although we're going to share what we call "network marketing the new way" we know that for some people building their network marketing businesses using these old strategies like home parties and hotel meetings works

But in today's internet age there are new and better ways in our opinion 

And the internet has actually opened that up for so many and leads to attracting the RIGHT people who are SUPER INTERESTED in what you're selling...

Raise their hands and ask you to sign them up!

And we are absolutely not here to knock these old strategies or be unnecessarily critical.  We're just making a rational argument for moving into the future (and by the future we actually mean the PRESENT!)

But don't take our word for it.  

Let us share some private conversations Ferny CEO of Elite Marketing Pro has had with network marketing leaders (for and against going online) in the profession to make some important points and also why he's passionate about teaching and training on his methodology as are we.

But first, let's back up a bit because a couple years ago…

He almost chose to completely leave his network marketing business…

…and he's also going to tell you what prompted him to continue down this path.

A clue: it wasn't for the money!

It's what we do at Elite Marketing Pro and it works.

In fact, it works for ANY business, though we design what we teach especially to help network marketers move into the 21st century and create more time-freedom and leverage (…on top of the benefits already provided by success in network marketing).

Anyway, back to Ferny's story...

It wasn't too long ago that I almost stopped serving the network marketing space.

Here's my story…

I retired from the traditional network marketing business in 2012

top earners in network marketing business often have a level of hypocrisy

…for the exact same reasons MANY other network marketing trainers did.

I didn't make any big announcement or announce my retirement on a blog. I just stopped building my network marketing business and quietly stepped away to focus on building my training business online.

But, at that time, I also had a tough decision to make…

Should I continue helping network marketers discover the skills of online marketing and the skills of attraction marketing?

…the same way my mentors helped me?

OR should I go into other markets, which are more progressive, innovative and welcoming towards the latest online business-building methods?

My business partner was not too enthused about continuing in the network marketing space, so it strained our partnership.

Eventually, we had to part ways because we had different visions for our business.

He didn’t want to deal with the constant negativity and small-mindedness from the ‘old school' crowd in network marketing.

And I can't say I blamed him.

To this day, we get a constant barrage of bad mouthing and even what I would legally classify as defamation from old-school leaders in network marketing to their teams, leaders, and colleagues.

They don't like the fact that we're still teaching attraction marketing to distributors in this profession

take your network marketing business online, the world is your oyster with internet marketing

That's been going on since the very beginning, and I could tell you some incredible stories of underhanded things some old school leaders (people you would think have a level head) have said to my colleagues and mentors.

The irony is a lot of these top leaders and trainers, who were critical and very public about their anti-attraction marketing stance, today use online marketing strategies to build their respective network marketing businesses – coaching, training, tools, systems, and incomes.

Go figure.

So, in my opinion…

There was a level of blatant hypocrisy among top leaders then and today!

The bottom line is: it would have been easy for me to walk away from network marketing altogether.

It's honestly the only industry/profession that pushes back against innovation, and I say that with all due respect to everybody who's in network marketing.

I have a lot of dear friends who are top earners and have created enormous success in the network marketing space – online and offline.

But it's easy to walk away and say…

“I don't need to deal with this BS. There's plenty of other professions, entrepreneurs, or businesses that I can build that don't push back against innovation. In fact, they encourage it and they thrive on it.”

Because honestly…

The world is your oyster with online marketing skills!

Making money online, as an online marketer, is fun and, quite frankly, easy.

Once you have the skills, you can work & build businesses in almost any arena and it can be more interesting getting into something new.

But I chose to stay and build a business serving the network marketing space because I honestly don’t feel like our work with ‘attraction marketers' is done.

I'm here to save people.

Just like my mentors, Mike Dillard and Tim Erway, saved me from the misery of building the old-school way with an old-school company back in 2006.

They brought me into this new way of building and it gave me absolute freedom by using the skill sets that I know now.

That's why I chose to stay.

It's not for the money, trust me.

Out of the 1000+ new members we attract per month, we don't earn a single dollar in profit from 95% of our clients. (If you're a customer, EMP Insider, or VIP member—you're essentially being served by the non-profit wing of our business!

And the reason I make Elite Marketing Pro my number one priority is because this is where my heart is and…

Our work is not done!

Case in point: I had a conversation with my friend, Steve, recently.

He mentioned that for a period of time after my mentor, Mike Dillard, decided to step away from his network marketing business, there was this “philosophical void” that existed in network marketing and the profession was moving backward.

Mike, if you're not familiar, was the guy who started this revolution of “attraction marketing,” when he published Magnetic Sponsoring and he stepped away for all the reasons I just stated—the negativity and the vitriol coming from the old-school camp.

Basically, he chose to step away, because he saw bigger opportunities without all the BS.

And as a result, he was able to multiply his net-worth many times over, using the skills and the mastery that he had in marketing but now serving a different market.

Since Mike walked away, few were focused on helping people use online strategies for building their network marketing business in a meaningful way and seeking more efficient, more progressive ways of doing things.


Not to say that people doing it a different way are bad

I'm sick of old school network marketing business

Absolutely not.

If it works for you, great.

But like my mentors, I'm focused on bringing this industry into the 21st century.

Per Steve, it was the resurgence of Elite Marketing Pro and me joining the company in 2014, which resulted in that voice advocating for innovation again.

You can't imagine how humbled I am to be able to carry on Mike Dillard's legacy.

Now I've seen a resurgence and a new energy around ‘attraction marketing', especially as it relates to social media.

At the same time…

I was in a conversation with another network marketing trainer…

Who'd read some of my content and use of some pretty strong language to connect with networkers who are fed up with old-school recruiting…

He was telling me …

“I know these old ladies who are crushing it with home parties. How can you say that home parties or stuff like that is dead or dying? I know people making a killing doing this stuff.”

And I'm on the phone thinking …

“Who cares? I'm not an old lady selling candles or crystal. I don't want to do home parties. The people I attract don't want to do home parties either. They don't want to have people at their house from 7-to-10 o'clock at night or beyond.”

The fact that home parties still work for some people has nothing to do with me or the people I train

My tribe doesn’t want to build that way.

I focus on attracting the people who are fed up with these old ways of doing things. To them, OLD SCHOOL is Dead!

Or sometimes they want to augment the things they're already doing because they want to create more leverage.

Top earners, especially those under 35, approach me every day by Messenger, phone call, or email and say…

“I'm sick of old school! Can we talk?”

Their message is clear.

And sure, some are over 35, but especially the younger top earners, who put in the effort and reaping the income rewards with home meetings and hotel meetings, are maxed out with their time!

So even if they're doing multiple-six figures, they have no time freedom!

newsflash people don't want to leave their house for network marketing business

…because they have TOO MANY meetings.

They're sick of it.

They're trying to find better ways to leverage their time so they can spend more time at home with their families while still building their network marketing businesses.

That's who I want to attract.

So, are home meetings and hotel meetings dead?

Well, they're dead for the people who know there's a better way!

People who find the old way of building intolerable are looking for a different way.

I think home meetings and hotel meetings are as dead as the flip-phone.

This reminds me of something the CEO of Blockbuster Video said when Netflix first launched…

He claimed that people liked to hold DVDs in their hands, so there was no need to worry.

Ummm…no and people don't want to leave their house either!

They want to be able to instantly watch a movie, without getting out of bed.

That's what people want.

So if you're in the business of keeping it old-school, then you're going to justify in your mind why that's a good idea.

Videotapes, movie recorders, cassettes, landlines, and DVDs are all examples of once awesome technologies that are no longer relevant.

Now let's talk about some things that are still being widely used but will be obsolete in the near future:

  • Bills in the mail
  • The use of paper
  • Check books
  • Delivery people
  • Cable TV

These things are still widely used, but the numbers are dwindling and the writing's on the wall.

So my point is not old-school versus new-school

It's about giving people the opportunity to progress and evolve and discover new skills that are going to be valuable to them in the future.

That's why I fight so hard.

That's why I remain committed to helping people learn attraction marketing and learn ways of building their network marketing business through social media and online marketing

Because it empowers them with skills that they can take anywhere, should the worst happen with their company, or should they decide to move on?

They're empowered with skills so they can build any business they want.

A lot of us in the network marketing space got started not because we're passionate about network marketing or even passionate about our product.

Network marketing was a means to an end.

We had a dream of some other kind of venture that could be funded by what we're doing here in network marketing.

And guess what?

That dream business you have in mind?

It's not going to be possible unless you learn online marketing skills!

Now all of this was music to our ears when we first read it because we really wanted to get back into network marketing and to build a business we were passionate about and know our audience (50 plus in or approaching retirement) are interested in 

But we didn't want to build "old school" despite how successful our upline is 

He fully supports our mission and that we're learning network marketing the new way and can teach attraction marketing to our team and help them feel fulfilled and able to build their own business and get the skill set to build it this way if it's what they want.

That's why we work with Elite Marketing Pro, where we can empower you with the skills you need to build ANY type of business online.

So if you're ready to get started, you can learn more about building your network marketing business online with our ​FREE 10-day online recruiting course where we teach our entire system for recruiting online.

Now, when we're talking about using online strategies for building, we're not talking about changing the fundamental skills of network marketing: we're talking about changing the MEDIUM you use to communicate so you can become more efficient and effective.

And we’re willing to teach these strategies in an honest and direct way and have the type of conversations that no other trainer or leader in this industry is willing to have with you.

So look, if you like doing home parties or whatever, that's awesome – keep doing them. You're not who we are looking for and we're not here to persuade you otherwise.

But at some point, you'll find that you and your team won't want to spend time away from your families.


Younger millennials are not going to build old-school.

Trust me; they're not going to do business that way because they're far too evolved from a technology standpoint in order to take a step back.

So if you're ready to step into the future with us…

Simply click here and I’ll gladly give you access to our online recruiting bootcamp to get you started.

And if you found this content helpful, we would love to read your comments below!

And if you are building your network marketing business successfully the old school then we wish you luck but keep the door open...

Chris and Susan With Ferny CEO Elite Marketing Pro

Chris and Susan Beesley

We’re former accountants and management consultants ‘of a certain age‘ with 5 great kids, 4 grand-kids, a grand-dog and a little old cat called Vincent. We love skiing, the mountains and travelling the world. We began our online journey 10 years ago and discovered a passion for teaching and training and now help others to start and build successful businesses online to generate them a full or part-time income to support their retirement lifestyle.

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