Frank’s Story

My name is Frank Torchia. I’m originally from West Virginia but I’m an implant or a transplant to Florida. Been in Florida for a long time. I did all kinds of jobs. Out of high school, I started out as an auto mechanic believe it or not. Went into sales. Studied a little bookkeeping in correspondence course. Did some bookkeeping. Had my own restaurant at the age of 22. After that, I sold computers. In 1950 the Korean War came about. I joined the U. S. Air Force. Got with NCR and sold cash registers, accounting machines, computers. I’ve got a varied background. The last 84 years have been very fast.

I’ve retired 3 times. Each time I retire I want to get into some new kind of a business. A couple of years ago, I got interested in the internet to make money on line. I floundered around with various companies but I couldn’t find a company that had put it all together and made it a simple business. Early on, I saw that people that retire they die fast. I didn’t want to die. I’ve always had a lot of energy and I’ve always wanted to help others that are coming, I don’t want to say below me, but they’re younger than me. I wanted to help them along. I believe that this MOBE business is the right avenue for that.

I’ve always had a desire to be involved myself personally in a worldwide business. I like people from all over the world. This internet business is the exact plan to do that. I got this email that said click here you might be interested and up came a $49 program with MOBE as the company. The reason I like MOBE is they made it simple. You know there’s a lot of things you can go through to become expert in internet marketing. You can do that but I didn’t want to do that at least to start. I wanted something where I could find a prospect, put them into this sales funnel that MOBE talks about. They generate the energy and they have telephone people who will call my prospects, close the sale, I share the commission and I just go after another prospect. I keep feeding them into that funnel as prospects and they come out as dollars.

After my first 30 days, I received a notice on email that I have a commission so I quickly went into the back office and there was $1132 waiting for me. I felt pretty good. I said this system works, I’m in. Right now, I’m at the Diamond Mastermind in Playa del Carmen in Mexico near Cancun. I’ve never seen such a beautiful place. The water’s great. People are great. It’s just a pleasure to be here. All you old folks out there and you young folks, if you want to get ahead in your financial world and in your people world and you want to do it with an easy system, MOBE is the answer. You can, as I’m on my way with the training from MOBE to get over $10,000 a month into my bank account, you can do this too.

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