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Legendary Marketer was created to help people start an online business or grow an existing business using online and cutting edge marketing strategies through an education portal of digital courses, personalized virtual coaching and highly dynamic and supportive live mastermind events where students can learn the necessary personal, business and marketing skills to thrive with confidence in an ever-changing and highly competitive online marketplace.

We first met Dave in 2012 and have become firm friends – he’s appeared on our Entrepreneurs TV Show teaching our audience internet marketing skills and in turn we’ve spoken at his events and provided training for his members.  When he created his own program we were the first to go through it and were very impressed with what we found.

We love the concept of learning and earning together and a perfect combination in our books.

The course covers ad placement, selling premium price products, email marketing, sales conversion strategies, and use of sales funnels, marketing copy and much more

Dave Sharpe provides back-end support including access to his personalized marketing copy and sales funnels as well as his personal phone team to aid in closing sales. Revenue from all sales is split between the company and the individual enrolled in the program

You can find out more here

Get Your Legendary Marketer Book From Chris And Susan BeesleyYou can also get a free copy of his book (just pay S&H) and we highly recommend you start there as it’s more of a training manual and background to why internet marketing / affiliate marketing is a good model for entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds

Here’s the link to get yours


Business Builder Challenge

Just released in 2019 the Business Builder Challenge is your chance to go through the 15 day training program totally free – one step a day to prevent overwhelm and to give you the chance to digest what you have learned.  You have a access to a personal coach to help guide you, answer your questions and with our compliments complete a business plan to help you define your future

You can begin the challenge any time by clicking here


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