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The Six Figure Mentors

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Created by Stuart Ross,  The Six Figure Mentors was one of our first affiliate marketing systems we promoted and helped provide the training for.

These days an SFM membership gives you the ability to incrementally master the foundational steps in becoming a digital marketer, whilst also allowing you the potential to “earn whilst you learn.”

Since launching in 2010 when we became founding members, the SFM has shown hundreds of people from almost every walk of life how to lay the right foundation to achieve an online business that earns revenue. Their passion is helping individuals achieve their lifestyle goals and the students they’ve been proud to see succeed include:

  • People that are dissatisfied with their job or employer,
  • Work-at-home parents,
  • People who want to change their life path,
  • People looking to make some extra income,
  • Unemployed people hit by the global recession,
  • Retired veterans,
  • Grandparents,
  • People with zero business experience,
  • Affiliate and network marketers looking for opportunities
  • Existing business owners (online and offline),
  • College and university students
  • Professionals like bankers, lawyers and doctors.

The basic program begins with an application at $29.95

Once you complete your application you will be given access to the SFM Digital Business System And Student Training Series and can choose your progression to higher levels at your own pace.

For example you get access to a marketplace of business training included in your membership and at the Elite Level you get access to Digital Marketer Certification which should you want to pursue a career in Digtal Marketing will give you a recognised qualification.

It was here with SFM we first learned the importance of building our own presence online and went on to do many of their trainings for them.  We highly recommend their training program for those wanting to set up their home online and understand how all the pieces fit together when creating a brand in your own name.

From there you can choose how you want to generate your online income so it fits with your lifestyle…

You can select from for example Affiliate Marketing, Amazon or eCommerce

Why not check it out for yourself and take a look inside and meet Stuart Ross our very first online mentor… just click on the banner below

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