How To Win A BMW i8

How To Win A BMW i8

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A : Own an Orange wrapped BMW i8

Chris Record explains how and of course it was down to Chris to interview him about it (well someone has to do it after all)

Shame they left me behind to play golf …


Just so you really understand how this works as Chris Record describes it …..

“I’m going to give this car away. I’m giving this car away on 11/11 this year. We’re going to count up. We’re having a sales contest. We’re going to count up sales. What I wanted to do different was instead of giving the top salesman the car … This is what most people do, is they’ll take the person with the most sales and they’ll give that person the big car that they gift. But that person has already made the most money. They’re already winning.

I wanted to do something where it was much more of a level playing field, so what I’m doing is I’m basically saying from now until November 11th, 11/11, whoever earns at least $100,000 in commissions gets a chance to win this car, and every $100,000 that they earn, so let’s say they earn 200,000, then they get two chances to win. If they earn 300,000, they get three chances to win, and on and on and on. The idea here is to be able to give people multiple chances to win the car.

Obviously it still favors the people that might make a million dollars or something like that, but here’s what I think would be just epic. What if somebody earned just $100,000 in commissions? They would qualify for a matching millions bonus, which is a $100,000 cash bonus, so now they’ve made 200 grand, and what if they won the car? This is a six-figure car, so now they’ve made over $300,000 just like that. Earn 100,000 with a chance of being able to make an equivalent of $300,000. That would be epic.

matching millions BMW i8I think that would be a story, but I’m going to keep it fair. I’m going to keep it fair. I’m going to take every $100,000 that somebody earns is going to be a ball that goes into a drawing. It’s going to go into one of those machines that blows around the balls, and then what’s going to happen is we’re just going to pick one, like the way that a lottery works. We’re going to pick one, so it could be anybody. It might be somebody who only has one ball in there. It might be somebody who has five balls in there. We don’t know. We’re going to pick somebody. We’re going to give them the car.

Also, it’s not a car payment program. This is not … Most companies have a car payment. You can qualify, and then the company will make your payments for you. We didn’t want to do that because what happens if you end up leaving the company? Well, you’ve got these payments now. Or you’ve just gone into debt, and a car, financing. What we want to do is just give you the car completely, so we bought the car. We’ll give you the title, paid in full, cash, car. Give you the title, give you the keys.

The only thing you’ll be responsible for is obviously your own insurance and transportation. If you need to take it to the UK or something like that, we might have to … We might be able to help you, but I haven’t looked into what transportation’s going to be, to be able to do that. Then if somebody just didn’t want the car, sell it. If somebody doesn’t want the car, sell it.

If they don’t like the paint job right now, the paint job is a wrap. It’s a custom wrap. It’s orange. They can remove the wrap. It’s got a beautiful kind of glossy white underneath. The car has got a white and black and blue feel to it. Or they can put any wrap they want on it. It’s just a few thousand dollars. They can make the car look their favorite color if they want.

But I will tell you, this orange is an attention grabber like you’ve never seen. When I drive down the road, people are always pulling out their windows, taking pictures. When you park it somewhere and you pop open these butterfly doors, everybody comes from all around, and they want to check out the car. Everybody wants to look at the car.

If it were my advice to you, it would be if somebody wins the car, keep the car as is. I could tell you first-hand from driving it, this thing is an attention getter. It drives amazing. Everybody will stop you and want to ask questions about the car. It’s awesome. It’s a great car.”

Chris Record

So if the “opportunity” is something you want to focus on – make $100,000 before 11/11 and get a “lotto ball” in the draw to win the orange BMW i8 then it’s time to get started

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