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The most important story in our lives is the story untold

Untold StoryThe most important story in our lives is the story untold, where there are no flaws, there are no setbacks, just an open road. The story untold is where you step away from the world behind your eyes and you embrace the one that’s in front of them. This story is different. You can’t touch it, you can’t grasp it, but you can feel it. It’s not our past self, right? It’s not that fiction that we become tied to and mistakenly identify with. It’s something different. It’s anything different. It’s a blank page. It’s a new chapter. It’s an opportunity to bring to life all those times we said, “I wish.”

Well, my friend, here is a pen and a page, and guess what? Everything that happened before right now might as well evaporate into thin air because line by line, you can rewrite reality. You are not yesterday’s problems. You are certainly not yesterday’s results. You are right now. See, because more destructive, more disheartening than having to ascend the tallest mountain on the planet is the simple way that we categorize ourselves, that we define ourselves by our past. We’re stuck in Chapter 5, where the hero isn’t even aware that he or she is a hero, where the villain hasn’t been conquered, and the odds, man, they don’t look great. Why identify with that? Why stop there? Look, no good story is without conflict. No great empire appears without struggle. But that’s not a defining characteristic. It’s just par for the course. Here you are with a chance to rewrite whatever ending you want, to tell whatever story you want to tell.

There is just no greater freedom.

When you step back, when you really assess, you realize that life is a collection of stories, of events that unfolded as we allowed them to and told through our experiences and perspectives. The only truths that exist are the ones we believe. The only facts out there are the ones we’ve agreed to accept. We are merely authors, writers, and creators.

If you’re not happy with your storyline, change it. That’s the beauty of life. You can make yourself the hero minute by minute, word by word, the underdog, the long shot that changed common perception, that grabbed reality and shook it.

Be the reason that fiction becomes fact.

Write something worth remembering.

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