10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

Those of you who know us well will know that we only ever write a review or recommend a product of service we 100% believe in and we know will benefit our readers.

10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

When we discovered that Jessica Higdon was making her 10K social media recruiting formula available we were delighted as we know that this can make a real difference to so many people looking to generate high quality leads for their business.

We can 100% say that leads we have generated every single day on Facebook have contributed to the ongoing success of our business like no other kind of lead generation strategy.

Whilst we can teach it ourselves (and we do teach it) there is a lot of work that goes into making a good product and that is just not our focus right now.

When we went online 4 years ago our mentor taught us to “just go on Facebook” without any real understanding of why and what benefit it would do for us other than as he said to generate lots of friends.

However, like anything we do we took it very seriously and through observation quickly found out fast the difference between the people making money with social media recruiting versus the people who didn’t make money!  We noticed that the ones that were actively engaging their friends and starting up conversations were the ones making the money – we talked to them and they confirmed it.

So naturally we started modelling what these successful ‘recruiters’ were doing and even went on to train on it for our various teams.  It works!  There is absolutely no doubt about it.

However, when you have a blueprint ready made for you as in the case of Jessica’s 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula then you have the opportunity for success in your social media recruiting far quicker than we ever did.

Who is the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula  for Networkers for:

In the main for people who :-

  • Hate cold calling
  • Don’t want to be “pushy” or seen as a salesperson
  • Need to prospect fast around a busy schedule
  • Are sometimes shy and introverted.
  • Don’t have a big warm list
  • Don’t have computer skills
  • Want to leap from part-time to full-time!

If  this sounds like you then the 10K social media recruiting formula will get you off to a super fast start the right way and you will not be discouraged and think that social media marketing works for everyone but you.

Statistically, Twitter alone has over 500 million members… Facebook over a billion members! Our social media accounts never get shut down and nor do Jessica’s … and we never receive complaints from strangers — because this proven recruiting formula is based on respect for others and for social media guidelines.

We totally understand that once you become a “problem solver” …not a sales person the magic happens in your business.

Most people think you just need to spam your link all over Facebook – we see it every day and have to deal with private messages spamming us too.  This really and truly is not the right way to do it and yet we still see so many network marketers and internet marketers new to the industry doing just that.  The information Jessica Higdon will teach you in the 10k Social Media Recruiting Formula will give you that exact process of actually making a profit from your marketing on social media!

When you have the ‘full picture’ about recruiting on social media and in particular on Facebook then you will really start to see your business take off.

You can find out more about the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula and listen to what Jessica has to say by going over to this page which explains everything you need to know.

What do you get in the 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

  • Module 1 Profile positioning and branding secrets
  • Module 2 Locating and attracting your IDEAL prospects
  • Module 3 How to turn cold leads into warm leads
  • Module 4 Secrets to becoming a social media “closer
  • Bonus 1 Personal conversation consultations (limited)
  • Bonus 2 Zero Rejection Conversation Template
  • Bonus 3 Social Media Attractor Factor Checklist

Plus much more – it’s just better to go here and see for yourself and more importantly decide for yourself if it is for you.

Personally, we cannot wait to see you having success with this strategy because it is easily the best you are going to find to build a successful business.

Why can we say this?

Well as we have said, we get leads every single day using social media and therefore we know that with the right training and you taking the right action it can work for you.

We are one of the top earners our primary business and just recently spoke on stage in front of thousands of people sharing our success formula.  We are not here to convince or persuade EVER.  We just provide great quality training, personal development and value to our community and those who join us in our business will vouch for us.  Our integrity and honesty is the number one priority in our business and our lives.

If you are looking for a primary business and want to know more about what we do then you can set up a consultation with us by completing a short form here.


10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

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