5 Great Ways To Use Facebook Live

5 Great Ways To Use Facebook Live

5 great ways to use Facebook LiveFacebook live was launched to a select few people (celebrities mainly) early in 2015 and towards the end of the year they began to roll it out to our friends across the pond and finally to us mere mortals in the UK and Europe in early 2016.

Luckily for us they got to experiment so we could join the party knowing the 5 great ways to use Facebook Live without having to work it out for ourselves.  That being said we’re grateful and to repay that we’re going to share what we know so you can shortcut your success too.

5 Great Ways To Use Facebook LiveHow To Get Started With Facebook Live

Now that it’s rolled out you will find that you can use Facebook Live on your personal profile, your fan page and in your group

It looks a little different in each but you basically start your LIVE by clicking on the little radio head

First though give your Live Broadcast a name and make it something your audience will engage with

Your first one you can choose to just let yourself see so no worries as you practice!

Live streaming is a fantastic way to build and engage your audience and because Facebook want you to use this technology they give it higher ranking in the news feed so more of your fans and friends get to see it.

We’ve always been huge fans of live streaming and our first business endeavour was a live steaming product (video mail and live video webinars)  It was very powerful just a little too early to market if we’re honest.

Let’s get down to the 5 great ways to use Facebook Live

5 Great Ways To Use Facebook Live

“How To” Live Broadcasts

These are our absolute favourites and up until now we have done them using Google Hangouts.  This is so much easier and our audience can “just turn up”   We can teach business and marketing education but if you were in a different niche such as a fitness coach just demo some moves to your audience.  Do you think they will want to come back for more …?

Q & A Sessions

Again Q & A sessions are top of the 5 great ways to use Facebook Live.  These are a very popular way to build and engage your audience and add value.  Probably best to hold these on a regular day and time so you can educate your fans to join you and get to love your value so they want to know more about what you do …. later on down the line

We used to run a live (not on Facebook) called #AskChrisAndSusan

Behind The Scenes & Live Trainings

5 Great Ways To Use Facebook LiveThis will easily become one of the top if not THE TOP of the 5 great ways to use Facebook Live.

We go to and run a lot of events.  Imagine a teaser segment to share with your audience using the Facebook Live.

Just earlier this week in London at an event we attended they did a Facebook Live of Ryan Deiss speaking … in fact they did several of them and they have been viewed hundreds of times.  Do you think this builds the brand of the company who hosted the event and will get them more clients?  You bet it will.

Industry News

Use a Facebook Live to share regular updates on industry news – we could for example host a Facebook LIVE right now and share how people can start using Facebook Live.  It’s very useful and people who are active on social media especially Facebook will want to know about this and how they can use it in their business


Not everyone is an expert (and certainly not to begin with – if ever)   Think about hosting a LIVE with an industry expert, celebrity in your niche and ask them to share some tips and training  Up until now we’ve always done this for our own show called “An Audience With Chris & Susan” but on a Google Hangout.  That works well for us where we are in two remove locations but if you can be somewhere together then you can stream it LIVE.

There are of course many more than 5 great ways to use Facebook Live but these will definitely inspire you to get started we’re sure.

Facebook Live Tips

Facebook Live broadcasts can be from a few minutes up to 90 minutes as of writing this article.  However they recommend 10 minutes to allow your audience to begin engaging (didn’t know that to begin with).  On that point do make sure to acknowledge your viewers and even speak with them.  This all makes it much more human and interactive.

Make sure to publicise your Facebook Live in advance so people turn up LIVE which is after all the whole point.  Yo can email your subscribers, post on your Facebook Page and Facebook Profile and even create a Facebook Event of course.  (It will record automatically and then be shown in your news feed afterwards but sill LIVE is best).

Create a Title for your Live and some details including a call to action  so that when you are finished it’s published with this information all ready prepared for you.  We didn’t do that the first few times and trust us it’s better to do it first if you can.

Have good lighting and use a microphone so you get good sound quality.  We use a SmartLav kit on our iphones for this as well as a tripod and iphone holder so we get a good experience for our viewers – you might have heard that when we interviewed Ryan Deiss the other day?

5 Great Ways To Use Facebook LiveThe video can be saved to your phone for later use giving you additional ways to use it for your brand engagement and marketing.  You can also edit your video on Facebook after it has been posted giving you the chance to add captions etc.

The whole point though is that Facebook Live is positioned to become the most powerful video streaming service so dismiss it at your peril and if you are a marketer then double that!

Hope you found these 5 great ways to use Facebook Live helpful to get you started building your audience and then engaging with them and adding value.  Ryan Deiss who we interviewed just the other day talks about this being essential for small business and this is just one great way you can do that.

Facebook Live AuthorityFor more in depth training including a step by step guide  Check Out Facebook Live Authority

When we started using Facebook Live for the first time there was little or not training of any kind.  This guide really gives you the step by step but it’s also a PLR so you might want to even create some training yourself and sell it!

Either way it’s great value and highly recommended


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