Discover Your “Acres of Diamonds” in 2012

Discover Your “Acres of Diamonds”

Acres of Diamonds Chris and Susan Beesley

Acres of Diamonds

Originated as a speech which Russell Conwell delivered over 6,000 times around the world. The book Acres of Diamonds is one of the most famous in the world. The book details story after story of people overlooking riches in their own back yard, only to spend their time looking elsewhere.

Download Your Copy of Acres of Diamonds

Make sure that you read it – owning a book and not reading it provides no value to you.  This is a book that has made more millionaires than just about any other book!

The central idea  is that one need not look elsewhere for opportunity,  achievement,  or fortune — the resources to achieve all good things are present in one’s own community.

You can listen to the story here

Here’s an interesting observation ……

  • Most people under value what they know
  • Most people think of themselves as ordinary and accept ordinary incomes and outcomes
  • Once people are made aware of the value of what they know, they go on to be much more successful
  • Once people wake-up to the possibilities of finding opportunities, they start to see them everywhere

This video explains …… we recommend you make some time to listen to it

“No man can become rich without enriching the lives of others … anyone who adds to prosperity must prosper in turn”

Consider Your Acres of Diamonds in 2012

So if you have been thinking about changing your life in 2012 and considering starting an online business we hope this will give you the incentive and inspiration to do it.

For the best training on starting an online business and a community of people to help and encourage you why not check out The Six Figure Mentors and ask us how we can help you to discover your very own “acres of diamonds

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