An Entrepreneurs View Of Coronavirus

An Entrepreneurs View Of Coronavirus

An Entrepreneurs View Of CoronavirusAn Entrepreneur’s View Of Coronavirus : The hottest trending topic in the media is… Coronovirus! And unless you’ve been living under a rock there’s no escaping the fact that everywhere you turn everyone is talking about it!

The UK Budget includes numerous plans to save the economy, Trump canceled flights in and out of Europe and yesterday the shelves were empty in the supermarkets, people were worrying about their travel plans and panic was and still is at an all-time high.

An Entrepreneur’s View Of Coronavirus – Our Thoughts

Having been entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 30 years, we’ve been through a heck of a lot of scares and a heck of a lot of drama but we survived and better still we thrived so we do talk from experience.

In 1999, when we were working as management consultants everyone thought Y2K (Year 2000) was going to wipe us out and businesses spent countless hours and money on protecting themselves.  It didn’t happen.

In 2008 the financial crisis hit just about everyone and people scaled back and lived in fear.  This was the worst for us personally but we survived it and we’ll survive this.

But listen let’s puts this coronavirus thing into perspective and talk about the media

The media has one job

And that’s to do their very best to implant some other terrible and horrific fear into your mind with the sole intention of increasing their exposure and their ratings.  That’s their business after all

As an entrepreneur let’s look at the economic opportunities and risk of coronavirus

Obviously the travel industry and certain other industries are being hit hard. While unfortunate (we have a travel business so we don’t talk about this lightly) it’s important to look at what you can do to make your situation better

Being smart and working on your online business rather than getting caught up in the news is a good idea

And there are ethical ways to make the best of a bad situation.

Getting sucked into the fear or allowing it to take you away from improving your life is counterproductive…

Especially since having financial stress will only make you more vulnerable, since stress lowers our immune system and personal care should be high on your priority list right now.

Taking control of your life by taking control of your finances by working on a proven business model puts you in a stronger position to have more influence on your life.  We’re definitely working on that ourselves.

We wish you nothing but the best during these crazy times and remember to focus on what you can control and how will it effect your online business?

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“The Coronavirus hysteria is definitely through the roof right now, but is it justified? And what should you actually do?”

Check it out here

We don’t profess to being the authors of the actual content but it was from an entrepreneur friend and we found it profound, common sense and informative

We hope you do too 🙂

As another entrepreneur friend of ours wrote on the topic

Instead of living in fear
I want you to be strong.
I want you to be wealthy.
I want you to have faith….”

That’s all we can wish for all our readers, friends, subscribers and entrepreneurs

Go forth and create success and don’t let the media hold you back

Step up your game because we know other weaker-minded less committed entrepreneurs are going to sit back…and while they sit back paralysed from coronavirus you can be doing something AMAZING

And don’t think that because this article is focused on entrepreneurship that we don’t worry or care about the profound effect that the coronavirus is having… believe us we do.

We have a parent in their 90’s who has health issues and we know that if she contracts coronavirus her chances of survival are pretty slim 🙁

An Entrepreneurs View of CoronavirusFrom a personal perspective our retirement savings that we spent over a decade re-building and our travel businesses (a ski chalet in the French Alps and a luxury vacation rental in Spain) are severely affected but WE WILL SURVIVE and we will come through this come what may!

We’re doing everything we can to protect our own health and wellness and that of our family and have faith that we will all get through this

It seems almost inappropriate to say but we’re going to anyway…

If you want to know how to survive this current crisis and start and grow a serious and sustainable business online why not take our free bootcamp where we share our tips and strategies and the system we’re working with to help our students and clients create success.

If you’ve found this article “An Entrepreneurs View of Cornavirus” useful or informative, then please leave a comment below or if you have any questions ask away

If this can help someone you know, then please share it with them.

Until next time…

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An Entrepreneurs View of Cornavirus

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