Back To The Future 30 Years On

Back To The Future 30 Years On

back to the future 30 years onBack to the future in 2015 and beyond – today writing this blog it’s 21st October 2015 and it’s 30 years to the day in which Marty McFly and Doc Brown travelled from 1985 in their DeLorean time machine in the second film of the Back to the Future trilogy.

A lot’s happened in those 30 years that’s for sure!

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It was in 1993 that we first saw the interactive “Back to the Future” experience in Orlando Florida in what was then a state of the art Universal Studios Experience …. we can’t believe that was 22 years ago and how technology has changed since then and how so many things have come to pass!

Incredibly, the movie wasn’t far from its predictions – flying cars, hover boards, wearable technology, smart homes, and even a time machine

It makes you think about where we will be in the next 15 or 30 years

Interestingly a good friend and entrepreneur Daniel Priestley, someone with his finger on the pulse and always seems to know just what is going to happen in the world of the entrepreneur reports on back to the future 30 years on and gives his predictions for the next 15 years.

Back To The Future 30 Years On

Daniel Priestley talks in the video “back to the future 30 years on” the four converging trends in the next 15 years that will cause the greatest wealth transfer in history being …

  • Boomers turning 70 years old
  • Millennial Apathy
  • Technology Unemployment
  • Government Austerity

For us as boomers in our 60’s the first big trend Daniel mentions in back to the future 30 years on is the baby boomers who are turning 70.  We are typical of what Daniel talks about – we’ve accumulated assets to help us in our retirement such as rental properties but these (in our case especially) have not given us the returns we expected – in fact far from it.  Our pension pot in particular was destroyed in the 2008 recession.

Now boomers are turning to entrepreneurship and that’s a trend we can see growing already.  Other self employed professionals like ourselves who have always had to provide for their own retirement are finding as they go through the planning process they don’t have enough and need to be looking outside traditional routes to fund their retirement.

It’s something we’re passionate about and where we will focus our attention the coming years and we talked about it in our previous article – Creating Your Own Economy

We’d love to know what you think about it all

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