Branding For First Time Entrepreneurs

Branding For First Time Entrepreneurs

Branding For First Time EntrepreneursWhen it comes to branding for first time entrepreneurs and especially online or internet entrepreneurs there is a common misconception that they need to go out there and create fancy websites and logos from the get go.

We do one hundred percent believe that having your own brand online is important and thankfully our mentor taught us the right way to do it but this is also some of the very best advice for a newbie.

In this “Ask Matt Lloyd” episode Paul asks Matt the question “What is the best way to brand myself correctly?” and you want to pay close attention to the answer as it will help you a lot … in fact below the video you will see the transcription so you don’t miss the important lessons in this episode on branding for first time entrepreneurs.


In this video Matt Lloyd provides a valuable lesson on branding for first time entrepreneurs …

Welcome to another episode of Ask Matt Lloyd.

Right now, we are in Bali Indonesia on our way to go white water rafting, and I’ve got one of our Diamond clients here Paul. He’s from Houston, Texas, and he’s got the question for today. Paul, what would you like to know?

Well Matt, I’d like to know … I’m kind of new in the field of branding, so getting myself out there,“how would one person like me get exposure and get my name and face out there?”

Let me go behind that question. Tell me why, why do you want to get your brand out there, your face out there, your name out there? What do think that’s going to do for you?

Got it, okay. I can talk about that from a few different angles. First of all, one of the best pieces of advise I ever got, this was several years ago, someone said to me, they said, it’s not about getting your name out there, it’s about getting their names in here. What that means is, rather than being focused on having lots and lots of people hear about you, know your name, see your brand, rather than trying to get mass exposure to just the widest possible audience, what you should be more concerned about is capturing leads of the most qualified prospects that you can get, getting them into your email autoresponder so you can market to them.

It was Gary Halbert.  Gary Halbert was at a seminar once and he asked the audience, he said, I’m going to give you two choices, he said, you can have the front page of a newspaper, and you can have that whole page to tell everyone about who you are and your business and how great you are. He was addressing a real estate audience, a real estate sales rep audience. He said, that’s choice one. Choice two is, I will give you a list of former buyers in your niche, the hardest prospects, and I will give you that list and you can market to them as many times as you want.

Option A will have you getting your name out in front of hundreds of thousands of people in the masses, the population, and Option B the second option, you might only get say a thousand prospects, but you’ll have their contact information where you can follow-up again and again. The point here he was making was that, you are way better off getting the qualified prospects into your own database so you can follow-up with them.

The reason why I’m telling you that Paul is because, a lot of people waste time when they get started in the affiliate marketing industry trying to establish their brand and getting fancy logos done and fancy video animations, and they would spend their time better by focusing on, how do I do paid traffic to the very most qualified traffic sources that I can, capture those leads, and really work on my follow-up; my follow-up messages, my follow-up sequence, that’s what you want to focus on first. What you should be doing, what you should be more focused on is, build your lead capture page, go and find all the best places to advertise, capture those leads, and then optimize your follow-up process.

For example, day one, day two, day three, all of those emails, having the very best emails, having irresistible offers in those emails. You might add in a Facebook group into the follow-up, so like on day one when they get their first email, you invite them to join your Facebook private community, right, so now you’re funneling leads into the Facebook community. When they join the Facebook group at the very top of that Facebook group, it has them go and watch a video and then schedule a strategy session with you….

That kind of work, that’s you focusing on your conversion process rather than you trying to do videos or blog posts that build a brand to the masses. It’s far higher leverage work, it’s going to be far more effective, it will get you sales much quicker as well.

We couldn’t agree more as far as branding for a first time entrepreneur is concerned although we would add that as you are doing this you can create your brand quickly and easily by backing up what you say in your emails with your social media presence – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Google Plus …

All these an easily give you instant exposure online and a recognisable brand just from creating an account, updating your profile or bio on each. The search engines (especially Google) loves social media so it will just help you to show everyone your brand and you can dominate page one for your name at the very least 🙂

That concludes today’s article on branding for first time entrepreneurs.  We hope you found it helpful and look forward to seeing you here again next time

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