Two Step Formula For Starting An Online Business – Building An Audience

Two Step Formula For Starting An Online Business – Building An Audience

Building An Audience In Part 2 of this two part article having explained in more detail the fundamentals of starting an online business we will be covering building an audience now that you know more about defining your audience from part 1.

Just to re-cap the two step formula for starting an online business is

Step One : Building An Audience

Step Two : Sell To That Audience

In the previous article we talked about how important it was to define your audience using the example of filling seats in a theatre.  Today we will be how to reach out to your audience and to build that audience.  Once you know that then Step 2 “Sell To That Audience” will be a lot easier for you

Building An Audience

If you want to start and grow your audience you must learn how to reach out to people and create a first and lasting impression so that when they are looking to do business they will do business with you.  Putting time into building an audience will pay off in the long term.

The key here as explained in our previous article is knowing who your audience is in the first place and then where to find them.  Finally to reach out to them with value information so they get to know, like and trust you.

It can see intimidating to begin with if you have never done anything like it before but as they say “practice makes perfect” and building your audience will be worth every moment spent on it.  If we can do it then you can too (remember we started from scratch just like you will be doing and we’re going to shortcut your journey)

The first thing to realise that in making any communication with your audience it must never be about you but about the person you are trying to reach. We’ve been able to establish some really powerful connections just by making it about them.  For instance, we run a monthly web show for entrepreneurs called “An Audience With” where we interview successful entrepreneurs.  When we invite the person to be on our show we will first and foremost be offering them exposure to our audience so they receive a benefit.  Our audience also get to benefit because we are providing to them information that will be useful to them in their business.  So you can see that building an audience in the right way makes all the difference.

The same applies when reaching out to someone on social media.  Find out what their pains and problems are and then solve them personally for that person.  Don’t try and assume what they want as it’s rarely what you think!

If you are using social media to connect with your audience then make sure you use the ones that are perfect for you and your perfect client.  For us that is Facebook and Linkedin.  For you it may be entirely different.

Do you see how this works?

When you work with us we make sure that you know exactly how to do this

We hope you found this useful – do let us know 🙂

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