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Become Your Best Apprentice

We have been reading “The 50th Rule” by 50 Cents and Robert Greene and recently recorded a video about “Mastery” (Chapter 8)

“The fools in life want things fast and easy – money, success, attention.  Boredom is their great enemy and fear.  Whatever they manage to get slips through their hands as fast as it comes in.

You, on the other hand, want to outlast your rivals.

You are building the foundation for something that can continue to expand.

To make this happen, you will have to serve an apprenticeship.  You must learn early on to endure the hours of practice and drudgery, knowing that in the end all of that time will translate into a higher pleasure – mastery of a craft and of yourself.

Your goal is to reach the ultimate skill level – an intuitive feel for what must come next”

You have to have a fearless approach  – most people unfortunately cannot stay on one thing until they get good at it and wonder why they never succeed at anything they turn their hand to.

We often refer to this as quitting “three feet from gold” as in the famous story narrated by Napoleon Hill where R C Darby gave up on his dream just before he would have discovered gold through his mining activities.  Fortunately for him he learned from his lesson and went on to become hugely successful.

[Recommend: Three Feet From Gold by Greg S Reid and Sharon Lechter]

Your Larger Goal

Think about some large goal you want to achieve in life – one that you feel you are destined to create.  A goal that when you achieve it will bring you such huge rewards (your goal) that you are able to ignore all outside distractions.  Knowing that to get there you will have to learn a craft – to educate yourself and develop the skills required to achieve that goal.

All activities require mastery – a process of mastery.  Learning the steps and procedures involved until you get to the higher levels of proficiency and practicing your new skills along the way to hone and perfect them until you get the results you expect.  It will required discipline and tenacity and being prepared to withstand repetitive activity, sometimes slow progress and of course all that chatter in your head telling you to give up.

This is not to put you off but to help you understand the process you will need to endure to create the success you deserve.

Even Tony Robbins acknowledges the need for business mastery since he runs a whole program dedicated to Business Mastery.

The Larger Goal

Having the larger goal in place will help you to endure the hard work and drudgery that 50 Cents describes  “You must learn early on to endure the hours of practice and drudgery”

And as you learn and get better at your craft you will realise from the smallest results (to begin with) that it becomes pleasurable.  You start to see your improvements and even possibilities you hadn’t noticed before.  You mind becomes connected with your purpose and become destined to master the craft even further and the fear you had at the beginning starts to diminish.

The lifelong skill that you are developing and the mental discipline will serve as the foundation of your personal power.

We can certainly identify with this coming from a profession that required years of dedication to learning the skills and getting good at those skills (as accountants long before we started the business we now run).  We knew that if we wanted to achieve our ultimate goal (and it was definitely a large goal) then we would have to master new skills.

We didn’t know online marketing, we didn’t know or understand social media and although we knew the importance of getting new customers to a business we didn’t know how to do that online.

We therefore put 100% of our efforts into learning the skills of online marketing (and we’re still learning every single day).  Just over 4 years ago we invested over $3,000 into a program that would give us the online marketing skills we would need and we diligently set about becoming apprentices in our new business.  Learning how to market online, how to build a website, blogging, social media, Google PPC etc  …. and we’re still practicing and learning new skills.

You need to be patient and practice over and over until you start to see the result.  The first lead, the first sale.  To know that to escape your existing circumstances and to reach your larger goal and the freedom it will bring, that you have to master the discipline.

That means invest in yourself – your personal and business development.  Invest (buy) those products and programs that will teach you what you need to know.  Keep your eye always on the ball and don’t become distracted by the ‘quick fix‘ just around the corner taunting you (there will be many of these drop into your inbox every day …. we know because we see them too and they are so tempting.  Don’t!

Working for yourself in your own business is different from anything you have ever done especially if you have always worked for someone as an employee (just like we did because realistically because we were just employees in our own business serving clients every single day of the week)

It’s why we passionately wrote a book on the subject to help you stay focused in mind and body as you start this new and unfamiliar journey.  It’s a practical and it will help you stay on track!

So before it is too late, wake up and realize your full power and success comes from mastering a process based on a foundation of discipline that we must constantly sharpen.  Don’t wait to lose your job to want something else.  Start now before it is forced upon you.

Don’t look upon those who have achieved as ‘gifted’ and could never reach their levels.  People who stand out in history.  Those same people were not gifted but rather underwent their own apprenticeship before becoming a master, discovering something that has changed history or made our lives better today for the understanding.  Their ‘genius‘ was actually the result of an intense learning process on their part!

Don’t get caught up on distractions, dreams and illusions but continue to master yourself with learning your craft until like learning to speak as a child or learning a new language you become proficient.  Push through the boredom of learning something new that only becomes mastery through repetition.  Know there will be frustrations but also rewards.

Be disciplined and patient.  Become the expert with wisdom and use it wisely to help others because there is no greater satisfaction than that.

Where you larger goal is achieved through empowering others achieve their larger goal.

You can check it out here and begin your free training

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Business Mastery

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