Create Your Google Profile for Social Search

Why should you create your Google profile?

It’s very simple.  Google is very aware of the fact that its biggest rival in social search is Facebook and need to make adjustments to maintain their dominance and retain their search advertising revenue.

Socially shared content is rising to the top Google search results to if you want to earn better rankings with Google you not only need to be creating high-quality content you also to encourage its sharing on the social networks.

There are a number of things you need to do maximise your relevance for social search, not least of which is to produce original and fresh content.

You also need to share that content to enhance your online presence and one very powerful step you can take to help Google find all of your social content is to create your Google Profile or update your existing profile.  Google have recently updated their Google Profile interface to make it simple to use and to bring all of your social networks together as well as any other content such as your blog, articles etc.

Go Here to Create Your Google Profile:-

Another very important reason for creating and maintaining a Google Profile is that it is required to use the new Google +1 Button .  The Google +1 Button is Google’s alternative to the Facebook Like Button.  A way that your community can vote for your content and add social proof to it.

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