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We met up with Mavis Nong at The Ministry of Traffic Live in London last weekend and during her presentation on blogging she made reference to a blog post she had recently written.  It certainly made us think and we hope it will be valuable to you to.  You can read her full blog post on her website ………..

Building your list is crucial to your internet business but more importantly, protecting your list is just as important because “the money is in the list” is absolutely true.  Your list is your greatest asset in your online business.  Your autoresponder is the system whereby people optin to receive your information, go on your list and you then communicate with them.

Whether you are new to internet marketing or been around a while you need to be aware that all of the reputable autoresponder providers are taking action to close the accounts of those people who are abusing the system and sending out spam and sending out garbage to their subscribers.

This is because the autoresponder providers have to react to complaints from subscribers to protect their own reputation.  It really doesn’t matter how big a list you are or how big a name you are they will shut your account if you get lots of complaints!

We use Aweber which is definitely one of the best around and this is also the recommended autoresponder for The Six Figure Mentors.  Others are iContact, GetResponse, Constant Contact, comF5.

Whatever system you use you must make sure that you back up your list then if your account gets closed (maybe in error) you at least have your asset protected whilst you sort it out with your autoresponder provider.  Worst case scenario you can then start again.

Lost and Found Cartoon

Since we use Aweber we are going to show you what you need to do to back up your list in this particular autoresponder:-
•    Login to your aweber account
•    Select your list(s)
•    In the ‘View Segment’ make sure you have ”All Subscribers” selected and click “Search”
•    Scroll down and click “Export CSV”
•    This will export all of your subscribers in an Excel Spreadsheet
•    Save this list on your computer.
•    That’s it.

All done.

Read more about your most valuable asset – Your List!

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