Don’t Stop Believing

Don’t Stop Believing



Last night we were blessed with the news that our daughter and her husband had just had their beautiful baby boy – Oliver James

It got us to thinking about our past and your future – in fact we are sending out an email to our subscribers right now …..

As we were writing this we thought about music that inspired us and then we remembered the lyrics of “Don’t Stop Believing” and went and tracked down the video with the lyrics so you can listen for yourself [it’s had 27,401,059 views]


Here’s what we said in our email

We are so grateful for
everything we have in our
life right now and look back
in gratitude because it hasn’t
always been like that – we’ve
had struggles just like everyone
Times that we don’t really
want to think about right
now because it’s no good
dwelling on the past.
It got us thinking about YOUR
Future …..
Are you going to settle for
where you are now… 

Or are you going to believe
you can go places you never
dreamed possible?

You may be going rough times –
financial issues, problems at
your job, stress at home and
strained relationships with your
family or spouse. 

And MONEY is probably something
you’re struggling with that’s

impacting you in MANY ways -both
seen and unseen. 

Believe us – you’re NOT alone


No matter where you are right now–
no matter how hard it may be, how sad
you may feel, or scared or uncertain
over the days and months ahead.

Know this…

There’s an AMAZING FUTURE waiting
for you … but it requires something
of you.

Everything can and will turn
around just as soon as you decide
you’re not going to settle for anything
less than everything you deserve and
you start FOCUSING and FIXING
your attention on all those GOOD
… forgetting everything else.
The best is yet to come!
It’s true… IF you believe it

Download the Lyrics here

To Your Empowered Success

Chris & Susan

PS our friend and author Amanda Ollier knew this when she believed in herself and went on to create The Self Help Bible We highly recommend this to all our friends and students who just don’t quite believe in themselves.
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Don’t Stop Believing

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