Finding Personal Excellence

Finding Personal Excellence

Finding Personal ExcellenceFinding Personal Excellence : In our books, personal development in business and in life is critically important to enable you to be the best you can be.

Our journey began with listening to and ready Tony Robbins and over the years we have got to know and love some favourites.

One of those is listening to the Daily PowerUp Calls from our great friend, inspirational speaker and entrepreneur JT DeBolt

We’ve got to know him well over the years and had the pleasure of having him speak on our TV Show for Entrepreneurs ChrisAndSusan.TV

You can watch the recording of that show here : Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

He’s hosted the Daily PowerUp Call for one of the programs that we promote – MOBE – for the past five years and on Thursday 31st August he broadcast his last call.

We would love you to listen to it because the message inside of that call is really important for all entrepreneurs – the message of Finding Personal Excellence

Listen To “Finding Personal Excellence”

Personal Excellence - Mobe Daily PowerUp Call

The message on the call is about pushing the edge of the envelope to be your absolute best in business and in life.  Waking up every single day with the belief that what you are doing matters, and its OKAY.  Know that you are going to be surrounded by people who don’t necessarily align with your values, your vision, your mission, or your why.  Here’s the key to it.  You have to be your best every single day.  It’s about you believing in yourself to be your best

Not everybdy is cut out to be an entrepreneur … just like not everybody is cut out to be an athlete, not everybody is cut out to be an actor or a musician ….. we can watch these people and take inspiration and get value from them.  The same goes for entrepreneurship.  If you are here as an entrepreneur know that people will look at you and be inspired by your example …

They will benefit from the work that you do in the world, both in your business and as a direct result of your business, as you begin to have the financial abilities to do things like give back, create foundations for things and do whatever it is that you wnat to do.  That will be the kind of thing that will set the tone for the world, so do not underestimate what you are doing here as an entreprepreneur.  Remember, it’s worth doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission …. JT Debolt

Finding Personal Excellence

There are going to be days where you don’t feel like it … yet you still show up to the day  If all you have in the tank is 50% of a tank, but you give all 50% then you have given 100% of what you had.  That’s personal excellence,  Holding yourself to a higher standard and saying “I’m worth it, the world’s worth it, and I’m going to give all that I have to the world that deserves this

We hope you enjoy listening to the call and the message that it conveys and why not listen to some of the other calls while you are there … they are recorded for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur and there’s nothing better in our books

Thanks for joining us today

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