“Giving” before “Getting”

On Saturday we attended The Ministry of Traffic Live in London hosted by Phill Turner.  Not only was it a great event where the delegates received valuable knowledge to help them build their businesses but there was a real spirit of “giving“.

Every single speaker gave away some of their secrets in order to help others become successful.  No one got paid for speaking and no one “sold” any of their products or services.

Just think about the power of that for a moment.  Why would they do that?

It’s because “giving” is the real way to build your business.  You need to believe that it’s better to give than to receive

Now we were lucky enough to be given a very special book by Phill and we’re going to share a little of that with you here today.  The book is “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  It’s a little story about a big idea.  About shifting our focus from getting to giving. This is the simplest, most fulfilling and most effective path to success in business and in life.

From the book:-

Pindar smiled. “Please don’t misunderstand me. There’s nothing wrong with making money. Lots of it, in fact. It’s just not a goal that will make you successful.” Reading the bewilderment on Joe’s face, he nodded and put his hand up to signal that he would explain.

“You see,” Pindar continued, “the majority of people operate with a mindset that says to the fireplace, ‘First give me some heat, then I’ll throw on some logs.’ Or that says to the bank, ‘Give me interest on my money, then I’ll make a deposit.’ And of course, it just doesn’t work that way.” Joe frowned, trying to parse the logic of Pindar’s examples.

“You see? You can’t go in two directions at once. Trying to be successful with making money as your goal is like trying to travel a superhighway at seventy miles an hour with your eyes glued to the rearview mirror.”

For those of you who love a movie …..

The Go Giver

This is definitely a book that we will recommend to our business partners and students – thank you for “giving” the book to us Phill!

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