High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Method

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Method

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing MethodHigh Ticket Affiliate Marketing Method : When we talk about high ticket affiliate marketing we’re referring to a form of marketing whereby an affiliate promoting a product or service would earn in excess of $500.  As of writing this that is considered ‘high ticket’.  When we began our career as online affiliate marketers a high ticket affiliate commission was in the region of $1000.  What it means essentially is it’s not your average $10 or $20 commission most newbie affiliate marketers are conditioned to believe is the starting point in their career.  Luckily we had a great mentor who put us straight from day one and we’ve made sure to teach our students and clients the importance of having an element of high ticket affiliate marketing in their portfolio of promotions.

Everyday new and struggling online marketers get told that affiliate marketing is the EASIEST way to make money online… and it is but look at what’s involved in this method

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Method Explained

Traditionally, a potential prospect or lead would go through what we would call a funnel

Firstly, you need to build a list. Meaning creating a lead magnet, then buying traffic to get people to your squeeze page.

Secondly, you’ve got to learn email marketing – get ready to invest hundreds of dollars and hours in training …

Thirdly, you’ve got to find the right products to promote … and the ‘experts’ suggest you only try selling low ticket products to start.

It works – don’t get us wrong and much of that we do teach our students but we like to make sure they understand the important element of high ticket affiliate marketing

We work with a number of business education programs because to us it’s important that our students get the whole picture.  That means there will be the elements of lower commissions and back end higher commissions.

A lot has changed in the world of affiliate marketing since we first began when to sell a high ticket product you had to own that product level to earn a commission at that level.  That’s not the case these days and that’s opened up the industry to a lot more people which is definitely a good thing.  Furthermore, with advancing technologies and softwares it’s now possible to incorporate the methodology of the old method – giving away a valuable lead magnet and a free training web class and feel good about someone else offering your prospect a product to buy that solves their biggest problem.  You as the affiliate then earn the higher ticket commission.

It’s not rocket science and it works 100% as we’ve used this high ticket affiliate marketing method (HTAM) successfully in our business.

However we have also recognised that this can be difficult for someone new to the world of affiliate marketing to put all the pieces of a sales funnel together right out the gate.

That’s why we really loved this simple software created by three of our marketer friends called High Ticket Hijack We asked them to explain what their high ticket affiliate marketing method is all about.

What’s High Ticket Hijack all about?

It’s a software and method for generating higher value commissions while building your list at the same time … so you don’t need a list for this to work.

Is this beginner friendly?

For sure – there’s no product creation, marketing, paid traffic or ‘tech’ stuff. The software creates the 2 money pages FOR you that combine to automate your list growth and commissions.

How does it work?

The system includes a high-ticket, evergreen products that you’re pre-approved to promote. From there, you just customise the two pages inside the software.  Step-by-step instructions are included.

Finally, just follow the included free traffic methods to get visitors to these pages, then watch your list and commissions grow

Who’s High Ticket Hijack for?

This all-in-one system is perfect for beginners or struggling marketers as well as successful affiliates that want a shortcut to big ticket commissions. 

How can I find out more?

Simple – check out the offer page HERE

Remember your  investment is completely covered by a risk-free guarantee. Try it yourself, love the results, or your money back

We got ourselves a copy because it will save us a lot of time and effort creating funnels in our business in the future and we don’t recommend products we’re not going to use ourselves.

As always please do your own due diligence when making any purchase and be prepared to put in time and effort to support your purchase.  As affiliate marketers we will make a commission if you purchase through our link but it will not cost you any more.

Thanks for reading and if you want to know more about sales funnels please be sure to check out our article on the subject

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