How Many Articles Do I Need To Get Results?

This is a popular questions from our students and was about to write a blog post on the subject when we saw this great information from the guys at Ezine Articles

In summary this is what they have to say:-

Content – Put your focus on giving readers a great user experience. Trying to promote and sell your product is something you get to do after you’ve provided the great content. Every article must have your one-of-a-kind insights. Once the reader sees you as the expert you are, they’ll start to gain trust in you.

Keywords – Do keyword research to get an understanding of keywords in your niche and how they fall along the keyword distribution curve. Then write articles that use those keywords and keyphrases.

Resource Box – After your audience has finished reading an article, you have the chance to tell them what to do next to get more information about you. In the Resource Box, you can share a little about yourself, but the main focus should be on your call-to-action. The Resource Box should be simple, positive and beneficial to your reader.

Author Bio – Fill in your Author Bio and upload an author image to give your profile a personal touch. This will help you get more exposure and give you a chance to develop a higher level of comfort with who you are.

Promotion – Just as you have a writing plan, you should also have an article promotion plan. EzineArticles automatically posts your newly approved articles to our site and your author RSS feed. Beyond that, you may consider sharing articles on social networking sites and putting an EzineArticles widget or author alert sign-up box on your website.

Life of the Article – Try to make the bulk of your articles evergreen. That means you need to focus on topics that will have relevance long after the publication of the article. The evergreen articles will continue to bring traffic to your website now and for years to come.

More Articles – Simply, keep on writing and submitting. The more articles you have out there working for you, the more traffic you can expect to receive. One single article may not make a monumental impact on traffic, but when your article inventory increases to 25, 50, 100 or more articles, over time you’ll see the traffic continue to come.

Take control of each of these variables in your article writing and marketing plan today. Then, write and submit a new set of high-quality articles.

You’ll be on your way to getting the real results you’re after.

You can read the full blog post at Ezine Articles Here

To Your Article Writing Success

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