How To Attract Quality Clients

How To Attract Quality Clients

how to attract quality clients shutterstock_178403168You would think that this would be common sense and we would all know how to attract quality clients but in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth

It’s the word “attract” that is key in how to attract quality clients and that all boils down to your marketing – what you say, how you say it and who you say it to ….

Sadly what happens in the main is that we’re all desperate for a client that we take on everyone and our marketing message attracts the “everyone” and many of these are far from being your quality client.

In our management consultancy business we found this out the hard way and it often resulted in us having to fire a client and that’s a very unpleasant experience albeit a necessary one.

Now that we have an online business we have to remember those lessons (we didn’t to begin with we’ll be honest) and know how to attract quality clients so that we can have not just a successful and profitable business but also – since we are in the business education niche – be able to teach those same skills to our clients

For those of you who would like the benefit of our experience here are our top tips on how to attract quality clients

How To Attract Quality Clients & Repel Those Who Aren’t

#1  Create the right marketing message to attract the right client in the first place – we talked about this in our article on creating the perfect internet funnel system The internet has after all opened up a much wider world for attracting clients versus the networking events we used to attend!

#2 Take time to talk to your prospective client to make sure you’re a good fit for each other – this is very easy these days via the phone, skype or even your favourite social media platform (we use Facebook and Linkedin for example and both have great communication channels).  They may have found you via the internet but nothing beats personal interaction even if it has to be in the virtual world.

# 3 Are you and your services or products and your client a good fit for each other.  Can you provide what your client is looking for realistically.  Managing expectations is key and if you are attracting a quality client in the first place this should be simple to satisfy just by asking the right questions.  Sometimes it’s best to say “NO” and save yourself a lot of heartache

When you understand how to attract quality clients and repel those who are not a good fit you will start to see success.  It will result in higher numbers of sales and you will have much more fun with the right customers.

We have always built our business (tradition and online) based on relationship marketing.  It starts with attracting the right clients and then taking great care of them.  We believe that especially when selling high ticket or high end consultancy that this is imperative.  In fact we read just today on the blog of Sunil Bali that leading futurist Brian Solis predicts that there will be a “adblockalypse” in 2016 and his advice to people who want to increase the value of their personal brand is to go “high touch” in the high tech world.

How To Attract Quality ClientsYou should make your clients feel happier and more fulfilled, bring love to every interaction and make your client’s interaction with you an experience.  Because, he says

“People might forget what you say and do, but they won’t forget how you make them feel ….

The future belongs to those who can capture people’s feelings, emotions and imagination and lead them to a better place.

Love, it transpires, is the killer app

We understand that our perfect client and therefore a quality client is someone who is in or approaching retirement, is or has been a business consultant, professional or CEO.  Someone who is looking for a solution to one of a number of problems such as replacing their “time for money” situation, wanting to top up or replace their pension income or someone who just wants to have a better lifestyle than they have right now.  They understand that what we offer requires an investment and they they will have to learn new skills (just like we did) and have a positive mindset.  It’s a bit of a tall order but that’s an example of how we attract quality clients to our business.

If that’s you and you’re reading this then we do like to talk and our details are below 🙂

If you would like our retirement guide you can download it here

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