How To Captivate Your Audience

In our opinion the art of  “storytelling” is an important one for you as a marketer and you need to get it right.

Why do you need to do that?

The answer is because telling your story is the most important part of your entire marketing process!

It is also the one thing that causes the most difficulty for people despite the fact that it is well known we all love to talk about ourselves – bizarre but true.

Here’s what you need to do

  • Write your story in an honest and interesting way so that you make a connection with your readers, build rapport and keep them interested – keep it personal
  • Share pictures and video – how many times have you heard “a picture paints a thousand words” – it is absolutely true.  When people see a picture of you smiling, having fun, on holiday, enjoying yourself they can see it too and are instantly connected to you.
  • Paint a picture of a personal frustration, challenge or problem that you have had and the solution you found
  • Have a call to action so that the reader knows to call you, send you a message, connect with you on social media or subscribe to your blog

We cannot stress how much difference pictures can have and it really isn’t difficult to do.  Can you find 8 – 10 pictures of you, your family, your pets, your hobbies, your holidays?  Anything that says “look I’m a real person and love life”.

TIP:  Use Animoto It is really easy to upload your photos, you can choose a music theme and it looks great.  When it’s done you get a little bit of code which you can copy and paste in to your website.  Easy!

Here’s one we did earlier in true ‘Blue Peter’ fashion

Create your own video slideshow at

Don’t forget that your story will evolve over time – think of the first attempt as just one chapter or just one act in a play.  Go back and amend it as you grow and you live out new chapters.

Your audience will love you for it – honestly.

PS  If you want to see a true master storyteller our good friend Katie Freiling has a brilliant “Welcome to my Blog” you should read as it will really inspire you to make the best of your story

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