How To create And Sell Digital Courses

How To Create And Sell Digital Courses

How To Create And Sell Digital CoursesHow To create And Sell Digital Courses : Digital courses are the hottest topic for 2020 and there’s some good reasons for that.  More and more people are seeking out self education through online learning and if you can create a digital course on a topic that people are searching for then you’ve a very good chance of making an income in this up and coming niche.

We’ve spent the last 12 months investing into our education so that we can help our clients and students to take advantage of this trend and because we do what we teach we have a digital course of our own launching in 2020 showing people how to create a recurring income from a digital course inside of a fixed term membership site.  Of course there are many different kinds of courses you can create and you don’t necessarily have to follow that model.

Let’s move on and talk about how to create and sell digital courses and where to get your hands on some great resources to help you.  You just had the opportunity to review a bundle of resources from one of our favourite PLR (private label rights) partners which includes 12 reports on the following topics (all relating to how to crate and sell digital courses)

  1. How to Sell Your Course Before Creating it
  2. Top Course Platforms Compared
  3. Where to Find Inspiration for Your Courses
  4. Course Creation Best Practices and Must Haves
  5. How to Turn Your Course into A High Ticket Coaching Program
  6. Top 10 Ways to Sell Your Course
  7. How to Turn Your Course Customers Into Raving Fans
  8. Creating A Challenge from Your Course
  9. Profitable Course Models to Swipe
  10. Ways to Get Traffic to Your Courses
  11. Setting Goals and KPIs for Your Course
  12. Content Distribution and Syndication

How To Create And Sell Digital CoursesWe’ve actually had the chance to go through these reports and not only are they packed with valuable information to help you create your digital course but also do as we are doing and teach people how to create a digital course around their skill set, knowledge, passion or hobby (in fact the report “Where to Find Inspiration For Your Courses” is a  perfect place to begin your research to find out if it’s viable to turn into a course.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could be a ‘spy in the sky‘ and know in advance if there is a demand for your idea

You can even pre-sell your idea to gauge if it’s a good idea and there are loads of tips inside the report “How to Sell Your Course Before Creating It

These 12 short reports that will teach you everything they need to know about digital courses that will help you create your digital course or as we are doing, teach others how to create a digital course

Whichever route you take we highly recommend you get your hands on this bundle of resources while you can (available from 26th December 2019 at 10 AM Eastern and only for a very short time)

Before we finish off here’s some ideas for using this content that we thought you might find useful:

  • Load up a new featured lead magnet for your site each month. Keeping it fresh ensures more of your visitors subscribe to your list.
  • Create opt-in pages (the copy and code are already included in your package) for each offer and drive targeted traffic to them. These are perfect ad campaigns, affiliates and more.
  • Use this content in your membership site. If you need ongoing content, you’ve got 12 great topics to share with your valued members.
  • Break up the content into blog posts and drip feed it to your audience. This is high-quality content on hot topics they’ll want to know about.
  • Use the content for the basis of a webinar or an audio product. Alice and the team have put together all the content…you just deliver it to your audience.

So there you have it in one lesson – how to create and sell a digital course

Thanks for reading and we look forward to seeing your course and if you would like advance notice of ours you can sign up here

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