How To Create Authority And Influence Online

How To Create Authority And Influence Online

How To Create Authority And Influence OnlineMost people go to Google or other search engines and type in the words “how to make money online” whereas in fact they would be better served to type in the words “how to create authority and influence online” and then they would get the best advice they will every receive.  Never mind we can redress the balance today as you’re reading this.

We were lucky in that our first mentor when we began our online journey six years ago taught us the importance of  how to create authority and influence online.  He asked us what we felt we had to offer that no one else “promoting” the system we were promoting at the time had.  For us it was our age (we were in our mid 50’s at the time) and also that we had experience running a business (we had our own accountancy and management consultancy business).  That is what he told us would help us to create authority and influence.  He also told us to begin building what in those days was known as “a tribe” (an audience)

We have never looked back on that advice and today we have build a strong brand – we’re known as the “oldies online” but that adds a layer of trust so we don’t mind … and we’ve built audiences on social media, our TV Show and of course our subscriber list.

We were very fortunate to meet Norbert Orlewicz who also gave us the key steps to making money online at a mastermind in Cancun Mexico last year.  In this video he’s going to share with you how to create authority and influence online using 3 proven steps.

We highly recommend you listen carefully and take notes

3 Proven Steps On How To Create Authority And Influence Online

You see, it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, what products you are selling, or what traffic strategies you are focused on.  These fundamental principles are critical to success if you want to make money online

The 3 Step Formula at the foundation of every successful online business

Step #1: How to Build Your Audience

The truth about the over-used proclamation to “build your list”

The 1 big mistake many new markers make with their social media marketing strategy

#1 Recommendation to Start Building Your Audience today

How to start with a tiny ad budget

The real secret to building a successful business online

 Step #2: How to Engage With Your Audience

Why Content Marketing is CRITICAL for a successful marketing strategy

Five Simple actions to create engagement with your audience every day

Step #3: How to Sell to Your Audience

The 3 Ways to Increase Revenue in Your Business

Conversion mechanisms to turn your fans and leads into customers

So there you have it – the 3 proven steps on how to create authority and influence online

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Thanks for joining us on this page today

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