How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020

How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020

“We all have two choices; we can make a living or we can design a life” ~ Jim Rohn

How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020 : As write this post it’s time stamped 1st January 2020 and DAY ONE of a brand new year.  Yesterday we talked about taking your first steps and you can go back and read that if you are just starting out.  But today we’re talking about

Day ONE 2020

How YOU can make the next 10 years of your life the best 10 years of your life…

As you may know if you have connected with us on social media, attended a webinar or a live event where we are speaking,  we’ve had our fair share of trials and tribulations over the last decade…

And, we’ve learned a ton during that time make no mistake…

We’re not going to go into all the detail here around what happened suffice to say it puts a whole new perspective on how we will build our business and live our life this new decade we’ve just entered…

And our goal here is to show you as we head into 2020 that you have an enormous opportunity in front of you to really create the future you want.

So here goes with the first of our tips for 2020

How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020 Tip #1

Get super clear on what you WANT versus what you actually NEED.

Here’s what we mean by that. A lot of us go through life trying to aim for things that we think that we want. We think we want the vacations, the big house, fancy car, jewellery and watches… you know, THE STUFF… whatever that is for you.

When in reality, what we actually need may be significantly less. Maybe we just need a nice roof over our head. Maybe we just simply need a car that gets us from point A to point B. Maybe we simply just need to have someone who loves us and we spend time with that person on a consistent basis.

So the question is, what is it that you WANT versus what is it that you actually NEED?

So when you make decisions moving forwards ask yourself… “Is this something that I actually need or is this something that I just want?”

It will help you make more powerful decisions.

So we encourage you to start there, get really clear on what it is that you NEED versus what it is that you WANT.

When we live from the standpoint of focusing on all of these things that we think we want, we’re trying to win an unwinnable race. You will never win the race of getting everything that you want so don’t waste your time and energy trying to attain it

How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020 Tip #2

Here’s the second of our tips

Get really clear on the stories you can share, based on what you have experienced throughout your life, especially over the last decade.

Many of you know our story of how we lost our retirement nest egg in the recession of 2008…

How we we gave up a multiple six figure management consultancy and accountancy business because we had reached a turning point in our lives and realised time was more precious than money ? and we needed to find a way to have the retirement we always imagined we would have…

Easy No!

Worth it?

Yes absolutely!!

Staring an online business without skills or talent in that area and in our mid 50’s…

Madness they said…

It’s not been plain sailing by any means and we’ve been challenged by industry changes and favoured business opportunities no longer fulfilling on promises or worst being closed down…

You can read our full story on Huffington Post

And on a more personal front losing a parent and then Susan’s Mum being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and turning our world upside down…

So many stories to share…

And, we want you to do this same exercise as we’ve done here

Think back on what you’ve experienced and what those stories are.


Because in those stories are messages.

Messages that you can share with your audience.

Messages that will make people stand up and run to their keyboards to share sentiments similar to

“Wow, I’m really, really, really glad that you told me about this, because I didn’t know. I didn’t know how painful that was for you. Guess what? I experienced something just like that too.”

Your stories make you relatable. Your stories humanize you. Your stories empower you to connect on a much deeper level with those who are literally waiting and praying for you to show up in their lives.

So think about your stories, write them down… then share them

How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020 Tip #3

The THIRD tip

Create a THEME for the next decade

NOT goals like we usually do

Even though we wrote a book on goal setting back in our early days) we see people fail with them because goals in and of themselves are, often, too grandiose. Too many people declare, “I want to do X, and I want to achieve Y,” and then try to live by such statements…

It’s too difficult and while similar declarations are all well and good, from our perspective, goals aren’t the answer. Why do you think so many people join gyms in January and, by March the gyms are empty? They start a diet today and give up with it a month?

What you want to be thinking about are THEMES.

(We learned about this from someone we follow – best known for being  a “reinvention expert” and it’s truly such a great idea)

Let’s give you an example of how we are applying this for the next decade – the two themes that we’re going to live by which incidentally he talked about in his training too.


We are both in our mid 60’s now and we’ve worked really hard for our adult life. We do love working, and we can’t ever see ourselves retiring in the usual way of retirement but we don’t want to continue to work hard forever.

So, what we’re really thinking about for this upcoming decade is residual or recurring income.

It’s one of the legs of our The 3 Legged Stool ™ Model

That’s an example of a THEME

And, as we explore opportunities and work-related activities we can weigh these against whether or not such actions move us closer to achieve our goal (that word is the right one in this context) of achieving more residual income or further away.

You’ll see this as we launch our new program shortly and as we build our network marketing businesses…

One that is travel and experiences and one that is health, well being and professional development

Another theme for us over the next decade is AUTOMATION. Automation to us means being able to leverage the power of technology to scale our teachings, training and courses and scale our offerings and to not have to continually fulfil easily repeatable tasks…

We have the technology and outsourcing capabilities so we must use what’s there for us (OUTSOURCING would be anther theme and we’ll go into that in another article)

So what we are saying is that with automation, we don’t have to do the same things time and time and time and time again.

We know how precious our TIME is after all that’s why we got into the online business world in the first place!

Now It’s Your Turn

What could be your theme(s) for the next decade

Residual Income and Automation are our themes and we will make decisions based on those themes.

Being able to go back to these two simple questions

“Do my actions allow us to create more residual income?” and

“Do our actions reflect that we’re leveraging the power of automation?”

These two questions will help guide us and they will guide you when you choose your theme words

A theme might be a single word — a verb, a noun, or an adjective. “Commit,” “growth,” and “healthy” are all valid themes. So are “invest,” “help,” “kindness,” and “gratitude.”

If you want to be kind, be kind today. If you want to be rich, commit today. If you want to be healthy, choose health today. If you want to be grateful, say “thank you” today.

A goal asks “what do I want?” but a theme asks “who am I?

Hopefully, this makes sense to you.

Again, we’re all for goals and vision boards and all of that fun stuff or we would never have written the book and done many different styles of training on them so we are not knocking any of that… we’re huge fans doing that

We have a huge magnetic white board in our office where we pin pictures of those things special to us and in our vision for the future including postcards of where we have travelled, postcards from friends, drawings from the little boy we sponsor in India and much more…

What we want you to think about is a theme, or maybe two themes for the next decade.

Our sincerest hope for you is that the next decade is intentionally designed so that it is the best decade of your life.

If you implement just one of these three suggestions, or ALL three, we predict you’re going to have a much different decade than if you just simply go into the next decade trying to answer the question of

“What do I do next?”

If you’re not happy with your results in the last decade then you know you have to do something different don’t you?

(We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result famously quoted by Albert Einstein)

Had we not made that change back in 2009 we can accurately predict exactly where we would be now…

In the same place we were then

Working 6-7 days a week 10-12 hours a day always at the beck and call of our clients!

If you want to change things you have to be the change!

We wish you the best for 2020 and for this entire decade

From a rational perspective, goals seem like a good way of getting what you want. They’re tangible, trackable, and time-bound. They give you a point to move toward and a nudge to help you get there…

Remember  : You Don’t Need A Goal You Need A Theme

And of course we would love to hear your thoughts….

Maybe you have some ideas of your own to add to ours…

And we’ll continue with giving you more insights on this topic and how to build a business and lifestyle by design throughout the year

Because at the end of the day our success comes from seeing your success

If you’ve found this article “How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020” useful, then please leave a comment below.

If this can help someone you know, then please share it with them.

Meanwhile feel free to download this article and keep it with you as you think about the lifestyle you want to design in 2020 : Download It Here

Until next time…

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How To Design Your Lifestyle in 2020

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