How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money From Affiliate MarketingThis week we’re in London for a series of workshops where we’re presenting our business model and teaching people how to make money from affiliate marketing

We take it for granted that most people know about affiliate marketing and how to make money from affiliate marketing but what we discovered is that most don’t really understand it at all.  They know bits here and there but not all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle

We recently heard “how to make money from affiliate marketing” described to us having your own supermarket (Tesco is the big one we have in the UK)  Inside this supermarket they sell hundreds if not thousands of products.  How many of those products are their own?  Not many actually.  They just make a small percentage from the sale of all the different products they sell and that’s pretty much explains how to make money from affiliate marketing.  Now no one is suggesting you go and set up a supermarket but you can have a very profitable business as an affiliate promoting other people’s products!

Affiliate marketing really is a great business model and it can be very lucrative but as we’ve discovered people do struggle to understand this model and to be honest we did when we were first introduced to it many years ago.  We understood the MLM (Multi Level Marketing) model but this was something else.

When we originally came across affiliate marketing we loved the idea of it for our business. Our research revealed that we could actually become affiliates and sell business training and since we had a business background we could see this would make a good business for us especially since it was something we could do online and not be tied to any one location.

How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing

Simply put you can drive traffic to an affiliate offer and earn a commission every time someone buys the product using your affiliate link.

As soon as you generate a new customer the affiliate company will handle product fulfillment, delivery and customer service.

There is a huge upside to this model if you don’t have products of your own and it’s a great way to have a low maintenance and low overhead online business.  In short in our opinion it’s the best place for people wanting a business and an income from home to get started.

What’s The Catch Then?

When something sounds so easy there’s always this doubt at the back of the mind about whether it’s really possible to make money with affiliate marketing.  Let’s explain in a little more detail so you can judge for yourself

How To Make Money From Affililate MarketingMany company owners will use affiliates to bring in new customers and will pay you a good commission of between 30-40% on a product anything from $7 – $97 as an example.  they won’t actually make much if any money on the transaction after their costs.  The advantage to them is that they have what’s known as a buyer and can then offer then what are known as “back end” products.  In this example it’s rare for you as an affiliate to get any commissions on those back end products sold.  These products are normally high end products ranging anything from $1,000 to $50,000 event and its where the company makes their profits.

Now you see how a company can make it’s money from having affiliates promote their front end products wouldn’t you like to know how you can make money as an affiliate on the back end products too?

The fact is there are ways that you can have a successful affiliate marketing business  where you are recognised by a company for the business that you are bringing to them. Where you can :

  • Earn commissions on the front end
  • Earn commissions on the back end
  • Earn commissions on other products of up to 90%

If that sounds like something you want to know more about then you might want to look at our high ticket affiliate program called MOBE  It’s in a profitable niche (we talked about that in a previous article) and you will get paid what we call high ticket commissions on the back end.

There are many different ways we can show you how to make money from affiliate marketing but our experience tells us that this really is the best way to build a sustainable business.

Let us know if you have any questions

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