How To Make Sure Your YouTube Account Does Not Get Shut Down

If you are new to video marketing or have been around for a while you have probably taken for granted the amazing service that Youtube provides and how important it is to our online businesses.

So it would be pretty devestating if you found one day that your YouTube account had be terminated and you had lost all of your video content.

Well, that is exactly what has been happening recently to some very well known and respected internet marketers and bloggers according to Gideon Shalwick and we are sharing with you his tips to help keep you as safe as possible and what to do if the unthinkable happens and you get your account terminated. Chris Farrell was one of the unlucky internet marketers to have his account terminated and everyone knows how much value he provides to the community!

Although it cannot be definitely confirmed, the common thread appears to be the use of the words “make money online” in the title of the video.

YouTube’s game is to provide valuable content to the people who come and visit the YouTube community. So it’s really important to make sure that you provide high value content and don’t just put up video to get backlinks and not give viewers really helpful or interesting information.  YouTube are watching you!

I Love YouTube

I Love YouTube

Here is a link Gideon’s recent blog post which includes an interview with David Jenyns giving you his perspective on it, what happened to him and how he got his account back.

This is what we love about the community we work in – where the genuine good guys share information and help everyone else – thank you Gideon

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