Just Do It! – Richard Branson on “Entrepreneurs Making a Difference”

We had a fantastic three days at National Achievers Congress in London, getting to see some of the most powerful iconic speakers of our time – Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker,      Alan Sugar and Richard Branson.

For us it was Richard Branson who stole the show and we guess that is why the Virgin brand is so successful.  From the moment he walked on the stage with his “virgin” hostesses he captivated the audience with his down to earth and relaxed personality.  You felt he actually would have been more comfortable down amongst the crowd than on the stage.

The message was clear that there are opportunities “out there” and fortunes are being made in the recession (as they always have been).  We loved his vision for the future and that it was possible for every single person to become an entrepreneur and to create something to be proud of.

Having just read his book “Business Stripped Bare – Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur” we were reminded of his statement that we all need to be aware that small, lean, entrepreneurial businesses are now the future of business as a whole ……. entrepreneurism can be applied to problems, challenges and opportunities regardless of scale”

The problem is that life has become too comfortable for many to take the action that can make a difference, to take a risk and do something outside their comfort zone.  For others they recognise that they need to make a change but a fear of failure stops them.

He stressed that business should not just be about making a lot of money but about running a business that can make a real difference to people’s lives.  He sees a vision of more and more businesses being run from home and flexible working becoming a way of life (to have a life).  Entrepreneurial talent can change the community live in and we can help others to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

One point Richard Branson was clear on was that there were great opportunities on the internet and it should be used as a platform to launch new businesses. This is what he said

Build a business that makes a difference to other people’s lives ….. in this recession you should use the internet to start a new business – most of them are being started in the US – we need to put the UK on the map”

Richard Branson July 2011

We are very happy to know we are on the right track and able to help others to get started and make a difference too!

So what was his take home message?  “Screw it – Just Do it” ……..

Become an internet entrepreneur and make a difference too!

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