Make More Sales From Your Website

It’s all very well having a lovely website with great graphics but all of that is worthless if you are not making sales from the visitors to your website.  What is more it  doesn’t cost a lot of money to increase your conversion rate and improve your sales. You just need to know the secrets.

Make it Clear You Are An Expert

When a prospect visits your website they should clearly come away believing that you are an expert in your field.  That can be in the form of testimonials or just good educational content in your niche.  This builds trust.

Turn your expertise into value for your visitors (prospects) such as a free PDF Report, White Paper, Video Training, E-Book – something downloadable of VALUE.  The key here is to ensure that the give-away does the following:-

  • Appeals to your target audience
  • Has a title (headline) and content that is relevant
  • Solves their frustration or “pain
  • Ensures that the “what’s in it for me” is clear

Tip: Free has to equal Value!

Make Your Web Form Work for You

Make your web form transparent. This means a web form that ‘does what it says on the tin’.  It should have a powerful headline, good clear graphics that represent what you are giving away.  You might therefore show an image of the e-book so it is totally clear what they are getting.  If you are providing a digital gift then you might have a video describing what they will get.

The Position of your web form is important.  It should be “above the fold” i.e. clearly visible on the screen without scrolling down to find it.  You can increase “opt ins” by having a web form on every page so visitors are attracted towards it where ever they look.

Build Trust with a Privacy Statement” below or beside your web form.  Be absolutely clear that you respect your visitor’s privacy and make sure that you clearly demonstrate that by giving you their name and/or email address that you are to be trusted with it.  Don’t ask for too much information.  The more you ask for the less likely you are to have your visitor subscribe.  Name and email is more than enough.

Use a trustworthy request like “send me my guide/e-book/video series” rather than the standard “submit now” instruction.

Make sure that you use a reliable autoresponder and that your subscribers can easily “unsubscribe” if they want to.

Use a “Thank You” Page

Saying “thank you” has always been polite and on the internet it is no different.  Once your visitor has given you their email they will appreciate this gesture and it confirms to them that you are going to deliver them what they have asked for.  It can be as simple as “Thank you for registering – we hope your enjoy your guide/e-book/video series”

Love your Subscribers

Subscribers don’t become buyers over night and it will take several communications with them over time.  Stay in touch with them by educating (providing good value information) and continue to build a relationship and trust until such time as they are ready to buy from you.  “Helping” rather than “hassling” your subscribers is key.

If you get this right then your subscribers will go from liking to loving you and will continue to buy from you whenever you place an offer in front of them.

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