Marketing And Business Trends For 2020

Marketing And Business Trends For 2020

Marketing And Business Trends For 2020

Marketing And Business Trends For 2020 : Now that we are a few weeks into 2020 and a new decade we thought we would do a little browsing round the net and see what some of our favourite sources in the world of business and marketing are saying so we can keep you in the picture as you start, grow or build your online business

As you know we’ve been around this industry for a decade of our own so this is an exciting “next ten years” for us and you can be sure that we will be incorporating the forecasts, marketing and business trends for 2020 into our business.

To be perfectly honest whether you are building a traditional business, an online business or a network marketing business you need to be aware of both marketing and business trends in 2020 and stay ahead of the curve

So without further ado let’s get started with our Marketing And Business Trends For 2020

Marketing And Business Trends For 2020YouTube is heavily tipped to be even bigger than ever this year and here’s an excellent podcast from our friends over at Social Media Examiner with detailed notes for you on the trends you need to know about on this essential platform.  In this podcast (another BIG trend) Sean who is a video marketing expert, host of the Think Marketing Podcast, and author of YouTube Secrets shares his thoughts and predictions for 2020. His two YouTube channels have a combined audience of 1.5 million subscribers so he clearly knows a thing or two!

Importantly, he explains the importance of quality over quantity and branding over marketing. He also shares helpful insights into the YouTube algorithm.

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Marketing And Business Trends For 2020Facebook Marketing updates include changes to “look alike audiences“. If you are using these or plan on using them you need to be aware of the recent changes and get the low down on four ‘look alikes’ to use with your Facebook and Instagram ads.  You can expect a LOT more Facebook policy changes and advertising restrictions in 2020 but if you stay aware and take advantage then you will continue to win with targeted advertising.

If you are about to start advertising on the Facebook platform or even been advertisers before do make sure that you Bookmark Facebook’s Advertising Policies page, and read it often!

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Marketing And Business Trends For 2020Changes To The Digital Marketplace 

We have to stay on our toes if we want to stay relevant with the never ending changes to algorithms and regulations—and part of that is positioning ourselves for success and take advantage of the predicted trends.  Our “go to” source for all things in the digital market place discuss their 17 Predictions for 2020.  There’s a lot to take in so we advise you bookmark our blog here so you can have all your marketing and business information in ONE place.

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Marketing And Business Trends For 2020Podcasting in 2020 and what you need to know.  This really is one of the hottest trends and we’ve seen it building over the last year.  It used to be so difficult to set up a podcast but with new apps and technologies it’s now easier than ever….

Podcasting, therefore, presents a great way to gain cut through to prospective buyers and facilitates deeper engagement.  Furthermore they are loyal, affluent and educated. There’s a correlation between affluence and time poverty and these affluent people tend to self educate in pockets of what they consider ‘dead time’. e.g. while commuting to work, while at the gym etc.   Funny really as it’s what we used to do listening to cassette tapes in the car on the commute…

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Online Business Trends

Adopting The Subscription (Membership) Lifestyle

We’re talking digital products here versus physical products and both are trending upwards year on year and provided consumers receive value for money they keep paying. In the Online Education Business which is our niche we’re finding more an more people wanting to pay for their courses this way and it’s a win win for both.

This year we decided to collaborate with an expert in the marketplace of membership sites and create a Fixed Term Membership Site teaching exactly that – How To Set Up And Run a Fixed Term Membership and create recurring revenue in your business.  It works in any niche and on any topic so we’re sure it will attract a lot of newcomers to starting an online business

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We’ll continue to search the internet for relevant trends, shifts and updates so come back often and check out what we have to say

If you’ve found this article “Marketing And Business Trends For 2020” useful, then please leave a comment below or if you have any questions ask away – if we don’t know we’ll find someone who does ?

If this can help someone you know, then please share it with them.

Until next time…

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Marketing And Business Trends for 2020

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