New Year 2018 Message

New Year 2018 Message

New Year 2018 MessageNew Year 2018 Message : The theme of our New Year 2018 Message this year is “your past does not define your future”  Why?  Because so often we hear people telling us that they’ve tried something before and it’s not worked out or they just don’t feel that their past life and experience qualifies them to do something new and different.  Well that’s totally not true and we’re living proof of that…. and we want to give  you the encouragement to change that mindset forever!

We hope you will enjoy our video message and be encouraged to take a new action TODAY that could change your life forever


For us 2017 has been an awesome year. We’ve done a lot of travelling, teaching, and training. We’ve had a fantastic time, and I think you’ll see some of the things that we’ve been up to in this video. But we want you to think about what you’ve done in 2017. What are the things that you’ve done? What are the things that you’ve achieved? What are the things that haven’t quite gone according to plan? All of these things you need to answer the questions, and then think about 2018. What are you going to do in 2018? But more importantly, it’s not about what are you going to do. We don’t want any of those New Year’s resolutions that stop after about 10 minutes.

We want you to set some goals for yourself for 2018. What are you going to do, but more importantly, how are you actually going to achieve it? Because that, for us, is the important thing for 2018 that we’re putting together. You know? What goals do we want, and then how are we going to achieve them? And to be honest, our online business is allowing us to achieve so many, so many of the things that we want to do in life, and as we say, we’re in our 60’s, and retirement’s on the horizon, but I guess for us this is retirement. We are sort of semi-retired because we love what we do.

I thought for a moment he was going to say we’re no spring chickens, and that’s absolutely true. Look, we’re skiing in our 60’s. We hope we’ll still be skiing, like our next door neighbour, in our village in his 80’s. He’s still skiing, and I cannot think of anything better. Now, you may not like skiing. You may prefer the beaches of the world. It really doesn’t matter, but what we’re saying here is, set yourself some goals for what you want to achieve out of your life no matter what your age, no matter what your experience, no matter what it is that you really want to do, any of that is possible when you put your mind to it.

So, we’re going to be, coincidentally, we’ll be travelling home on New Year’s Eve, we’ll be on a plane so many thousand feet in the air, and we will be beginning a journey into 2018 that begins with travel on the 4th of January. We’re travelling across the States, and we’re really looking forward to meeting far more of you in person as we travel around the world. And of course, just bear in mind that you are very special. Everything that changes is down to you. Everything that happens in your life is down to you, but we’re here to help and guide you and take you on a new path of discovery in 2018.

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Have a wonderful, wonderful New Year, and we look forward to working with you


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