Overcoming Obstacles

 Overcoming Obstacles


motivational-Quote-on-obstacles-doubters-mistake-hardworkA few weeks ago we were unfortunately “hacked

A terrorist organisation who we will give NO publicity to decided ours was a perfect website to send out a video message to the UK Government and so they replaced our welcome video with their message.

The consequences were significant for us as we explain in the video …

Overcoming Obstacles

There are many lessons to be learned from this experience not least of which is about attitude and overcoming obstacles

For many people it would have been the perfect opportunity to just QUIT and to give up.

Whilst we were upset (and still are upset) about it and the content we have lost and the hours we have spent putting everything back together we have to look on the bright side and move forward.

Being an entrepreneur we have to form a habit of overcoming obstacles all the time if we are to succeed in our business.

That’s what successful people do.

Imagine where Richard Branson  or Bill Gates would be if they just gave up at the first obstacle!

All the most successful entrepreneurs had bad things happen to them before they became successful …. overcoming obstacles of all kinds.

Millionaires lost all their money before they became millionaires again.

Thank you for reading this post and watching the video

Before you go …..

A positive mind finds a way it can be done. A negative mind looks for all the ways it can’t be done.

Someone once said, “There are no truths; there are only perceptions of truth.” Whether or not you accept this statement, whatever you believe to be true will become your reality. Your subconscious mind will believe anything you tell it — if you repeat the words often and with conviction. When you are faced with a daunting task that you’ve never attempted before, focus on the potential for success, not on the possibilities for failure. Break the job down into smaller elements and tackle each one separately. The only difference between success and failure in any job is your attitude toward it.

~ Napoleon Hill

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