A Peacock in The Land of Penguins

Opportunities are never lost ….. they’re just found by someone else”   That’s true but if you have been looking to start an online business and have been looking round and doing your due diligence you will see that there are hundreds, if not thousands of  “opportunities” out there.

Likewise if you are looking to build a six figure income or a multiple six figure income there are many mentors ready and waiting to “help you”.   Some are genuine; many are not!  How on earth do you choose the right person and the right products when there is launch after launch after launch.

This seems to be a serious problem for people and most are pretty relieved when they talk to us to find out that we are actually real and that we have a serious sustainable on line business!

We cannot possibly be ‘all things to all men‘ but we do tell everyone exactly what we do, what they can expect from us and what we expect from them if they choose to work with us. We want to partner with people who passionately want to succeed but they have to believe in themselves, be open to learning, be prepared to take action, and above all have focus.

“Not All Mentors are Equal”we heard this said just a few days ago and it is absolutely true.  Each will have their own way of doing things and what you have to do is be absolutely sure that they fit with you and you fit with them.  Spend time talking to them, checking them out on Facebook, looking at their website etc.   Make sure that they can help you to be who you want to be.  Find out what else you get!

For example when you choose to partner with us in our principle business you get to join The Six Figure Mentors and The Six Figure Community where you have access to a group of like minded individuals who are there to help you on your journey to success.  From up to the minute internet marketing training to webinars, face to face meetings and a community who are there to support one another.  These are both totally private sites.

When we saw this video we thought it sums up the philosophy of The SixFigure Mentors beautifully – we hope you enjoy it too and want to become a part something very special – Internet Marketing The New Way.

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