Shape Your Beliefs For Online Success

Shape Your Beliefs For Online Success

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We were chatting with Amanda Ollier, one of our past students and author of The Self Help Bible just the other day and discussing one of the biggest challenges that people face with their online business and as usual she was full of advice and help ….. so we asked her if she would guest post for our community.

Here it is …….

Shape Your Beliefs for Online Success – By Amanda Ball

Your beliefs were, for the most part, created when you were very young and under the influence of both the people you lived and socialised with and the wider society you grew up in. Beliefs are not empirical truths. They are just a set of assumptions, that you have accepted as being true and live your life as though they are.

Your beliefs help filter out over 99.9% of the information picked up by your 5 senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, sight) leaving your mind to create your reality from what’s left. They affect every aspect of your life and will govern your success.

You have probably been taught to expect to work for someone else, until retirement age, for a ‘reasonable’ salary haven’t you? Perhaps this is what you have done up until now, this is what you believed would happen.

If you are now looking to create an online business, you are going to face some new challenges. Having supportive beliefs will help ensure your success.

The Four Fundamental Beliefs Necessary for a Successful Online Business

The first belief you’ll need, is that it’s is ok for you to make this change, even if other people don’t support you. You may find that your friends and family will discourage you. Let them. They are operating from their own belief system and a position of fear. Respect their right to their own set of beliefs, thank them for their concern and move on with what you want to do.

The second belief is the belief that it is possible to create a successful business online. You can find great systems, training and mentors to help you and you must do lots of research to find the right ones for you. However, if you don’t believe it is possible, you will never get beyond the starting gate.

The third ‘must have’ belief, is that it is possible for YOU to have a successful online business. You can easily find lots of people online who are very successful and will share their knowledge and systems with you (for a fee of course) but if you don’t believe that it’s possible for you to have the same success, frankly you’re wasting your time even trying.

The last and possibly most important belief you’ll need, is that you deserve to be successful in your online business. You have been used to working a set amount of time for a set amount of money. Now you need to figure out how much time you are prepared to work and how much money you want in exchange for that. How much do you think you are really worth?

So many people fall at the last hurdle. They can see it’s possible to make it online and get great systems and mentors to help them, but unless you have a fundamental belief that you deserve the benefits working online can bring you, you will not succeed. I guarantee it because of the way your neurology works. You’ll find plenty of reasons and excuses why it didn’t work out, but the result will be the same.

How to Create a Belief Set for Success

  1. The first step is to work out exactly what you want. You must create a goal for yourself that is so compelling you are champing at the bit to get there.
  2. Next you need to figure out where you are currently. What are your current beliefs about the changes you want to make now? Do they support you, or will they limit you?
  3. Then, decide what you would like your beliefs about yourself and this new life change to be.
  4. Once you’ve done all that, it’s just a question of practicing these new beliefs until they are as much a habit as your old ones were.

It really is that simple! Once your beliefs are aligned with your goals, your progress will be accelerated as you notice all the things which are happening to help you now.

Amanda has put together a worksheet just for you and you can download it from the link below.

At you will find a step by step exercise designed to help you with this process.

You can contact Amanda at The Self Help Bible

We don’t know about you but we found this advice really helpful and have even done the excercise ourselves – you can always learn something new about yourself.

If you are looking to start an online business or have just reached a plateau and need some help to get you to the next stage then we can help – just contact us here and you’ll find a form you can complete telling us what you are looking for help with.

Talk soon.

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