Are Joey’s just like us?

What do wallabies have to do with choosing a business partner?

Have we gone completely mad?  No absolutely not! 

 The reason for this blog post is to answer a question we get asked frequently “How do you choose the right person to work with?”

Our suggestion is that you write down a list of the things that are important to you and then match these to the people who are out there to help. Then make sure you do a ton of due diligence on those people you think are a perfect match.  Get in contact with them and ask them the questions that will help you to decide. 

So what has this go to do with wallabies?  Well basically wallabies are renowned for picking the perfect mate. 

Enjoy the article Check out the story here. 

Don’t leave finding your perfect business partner to chance – you may end up with a joey in your pouch!

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