Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing

Something for Nothing Chris And Susan Beesley
As usual, our inbox today will filled with “opportunities” to get the latest products or systems for “free”. Just because we felt like it, we clicked on one (and we won’t mention any names here) and watched a video presentation (rather a slide presentation with the person talking over the slides so you couldn’t see if he was laughing as he said his stuff)

The headline of the email was good (we teach all about captivating and enthralling headlines so he got that right at least) “Pay Nothing. Make $20 over and over ….” He went on to describe this as being the greatest opportunity in the world and you didn’t have to pay anything to get started; he’s never seen anything like it before etc and you can start getting $20 bills over and over and over again. Now disclaimer here …. we’re not saying that this might not be possible with this scheme, but since it is Free it does make you think doesn’t it?

Is it possible to get “Something for Nothing

We don’t think so and nor does someone who clearly know ……. this is what Napoleon Hill has to say on the subject …..

Something For Nothing

“No one can get something for nothing. Everything worth having has a definite price, and that price must be paid”

He goes on to talk about personal achievement ……

“The rules of personal achievement are as definite as the rules of mathematics. If ever there was a true science, it is the science of personal achievement described in the seventeen principles of this philosophy.

You are a student of this philosophy. Therefore you are deprived of alibis for failure, including the grandfather of them all, “I never had an opportunity.” You have an opportunity, and it lies in the privilege of availing yourself of the combined knowledge of more than five hundred men of great achievement who have made this philosophy available to you.

What are you going to do with your opportunity?

Success does not require a great amount of knowledge about anything, but it does call for the persistent use of whatever knowledge you may have.

How are you using your time?

How much of it are you wasting, and how are you wasting it?

So you see, you really can’t get SOMETHING FOR NOTHING – effort in terms of time and money is required to start a business and also the requirement of knowledge to make that business a success.

We have always been committed to learning what are often referred to as “the tools of the trade” When we made a decision to set up an online business we invested into our education to learn how to do that and quickly realised how important that was. We continue to do that so that we are able to teach our students and clients and give them the knowledge they need via online programs, mentoring and training events.

So if you are thinking that you can get something (make money online for example) for nothing we can tell you that you really can’t …… not in the long term. You might make a few dollars but if you don’t know the elements of a successful online business then you are surely going to fail.

“No one can get something for nothing. Everything worth having has a definite price, and that price must be paid” Napoleon Hill

If you have not yet read “Think & Grow Rich” you can download a copy here. We recommend that you print it out and read it several times to fully understand Your Potential.

Download Think & Grow Rich

Please don’t waste your talents or you time. Make a decision today to change your lifewhat you don’t know learn about – because nothing is impossible if you want it enough and truly believe you can do it.



Something For Nothing

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