The Biggest Dream Stealer

The Biggest Dream Stealer

Dream StealerThe Biggest Dream Stealer : We’re sure you’ve heard the expression countless times and in network marketing/entrepreneurship “the “biggest dream stealer” is often referred to as being someone close to you – a friend or family member who just doesn’t understand that spark in you that makes you different to them …

We’re not going to be talking about them in today’s post but rather the biggest dream stealer … the voice inside our head answering the question “what if …“.  The one that wants to “keep us safe” (or so we tell ourselves) and responds to opportunity with a quick negative response

We talk about this in today’s video called “What If

To be honest we’ve all been caught up in the game of “what if” … but one day an opportunity comes along and you grab it …

And it can change your life

Just as it did ours … beginning with “luck” and then taking action that led to solving our biggest problem.

Like we said in the video, it was listening to Gary Vaynerchuk answer a subscriber questions “Have you ever dropped the ball on making a decision due to over thinking it?” that prompted us to respond with our take on it as it applies to entrepreneurs like yourself reading this post who can’t take the next step due to overthinking the possible result

You can listen to his answer to put it all into perspective by watching the full episode here

To summarise …

What If … taking action especially if it doesn’t cost anything – no money – just time … is better than pondering, thinking, wondering “if this thing is going to work“.  You don’t know.  You can’t just sit there saying “will this work or not“, debate your whole life, never do it and not know the answer….

One of two things will happen

  1.  It worked and you make a lot of money or
  2.  It didn’t and you decide not to do it again

Indecisiveness is a killer – the biggest dream stealer in the world and it’s the voice in your head controls it!

“So many of you are not taking action because you over-think things .. just get started, put in the work, and adjust along the way .. the only constant in life will be change so get used to !! ” ~ Gary Vaynerchuk

Thanks to Gary Vee for inspiring the video and this post and we hope for you,  help you get over the “what if” question and take action on your dream!

To decide to “click the link“, spend a small amount of money and find out because at least you will have the answer and there’ll be no more wondering and pondering 🙂

Thanks for joining us today

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