The Decision

The Decision

The DecisionLet’s face it we’ve all been there and agonised over “the decision” – making a decision which really should have been a simple one – a YES or a NO.  There is no ‘maybe’ because a maybe is really a NO!

We were listening to Darren Hardy this morning talking about “the decision” and thought he summed it up beautifully

The Decision Video

It was good enough to get it transcribed so you can read the words – we don’t know about you but we like to see things written down

The Decision Transcription

Good morning. Hey, do you ever grapple with decisions? Winston Churchill called it the long road of agony. The long agony is the period before deciding should I, shouldn’t I, but what if and then and what if this happens and so forth. You can make a pro and con list. You can research ad nauseam. You can spreadsheet it out. You can ask 100 people. You can go on Ask Jeeves. You can go on Yelp. You can challenge a 2,000 year old guru. You can throw a dart.

My favourite, you don’t decide. More failure has been caused by indecision than poor decisions. If you want to know who done it, who murdered your dreams, it was indecision.

Winston Churchill further explained, once the decision is made all the agony goes away instantly. It’s the indecision that causes the agony. Let me pass along an excellent decision filter that I picked up from my good friend Todd Duncan who pointed this out during one of our elite CEO forums.

Simply filter your decision with this one question:

Am I more likely to say, “I wish I hadn’t” or am I more likely to say, “I’m glad it did“?

The answer hits you quickly and clearly. Then just trust it. Make the decision, end the agony and move on.

Powerful words that’s for sure

If you cares about your goals and resolutions for 2016 here: subscribe to Darren:

Make sure that you make the decision and then do everything in your power to make your dreams come true.

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