The Importance of Family

At the weekend we celebrated the marriage of our daughter Joanna to Chris and finally got to “give away” one of our children.

Weddings are a special occasion when all the family gets together and it made us think of how lucky we were to have a family in our “real life” and that working online gives us the freedom to be with them not just to celebrate but to be there in times of need as well.

Joanna, Chris, Susan and Chris

Working online can be a very lonely experience and especially when you are just getting started.  In the early days it can all seem a little much and maybe a little challenging if you never done anything like that before.

That was the reason that we devised our Fast Start Two Day Workshops to get all the technology out of the way and for new starters to get to know other like minded new internet business owners who will be able to help one another afterwards through a supportive online community.

To celebrate our daughter’s wedding and family values we have a special gift for you if you take our May Workshop – just click on the link below for the full details.

Celebrate With Us

Chris & Susan Beesley Signature

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