The Online Success Recipe

The Online Success Recipe

the online success recipeThe Online Success Recipe: To you reading this article, success might mean making a certain amount of money or landing a high-profile client; for another person it’s the ability to take every Friday off or take a long-dreamed-of vacation.  It’s why we can’t talk generically here so we won’t.  This is about online success because it’s what we know pure and simple and for us personally it’s really about freedom from the 9-5 and building a lifestyle to support our retirement.

So that’s what today’s ‘recipe’ is all about (and yes there’s going to be more than one ingredient because what’s what makes it taste right!

This online success series is going to focus on online business success because it’s what we do and what we have experience in…and we don’t teach what we don’t do plain and simple but quite honestly whatever field of work online you are involved in or want to be the same rules apply

Today’s article will set the scene for the other ingredients of the recipe

Because the more time we spend working from home (in the UK and abroad) in our online business, the less convinced we are about the theory that it’s hard work that makes you successful.  It seems to be a popular topic right now and we’ve seen a number of our mentors talking about it too.

So we’re going to start with that.

The Problem With The Word ‘Success’

You see success means different things to different people

And, perhaps more importantly, it’s good to challenge the idea of what success means if you find that your pursuit of it is making you miserable

For example, if you have a loving family that you never see because you’re trying to make a fortune working from home to provide a better future for them then maybe you need to reevaluate what it is to be successful!  It’s harsh but it’s the truth.  Too many relationships are affected by one partner or other losing sight of why they are trying to be successful and often times it’s too late and the damage is done.

For us success is more about doing something that we love and ensuring that the work we do and the money we make goes towards helping people and doing something useful and beneficial with our life…more on that in the next article.

Of course we don’t always hit that target but it’s a goal we can set ourselves and do our best to meet.

You will probably know if you follow us on social media or a regular reader of our emails… that our priorities have changed since Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers

That’s why this ingredient in the recipe we have for you is so important

There seems to be an attitude, particularly amongst the older generations (that’s our parents more than us to be clear) and it’s that hard work is all you need if you want to be successful in business… and the idea that people who are struggling or poor are there because they don’t work hard enough.  We know that’s just not true.

One fundamental thing that we believe everyone needs to acknowledge is that not everyone has the same starting point.  For example when you want to learn about starting and affiliate marketing business it is vital that you acknowledge your own starting point because it will really help you to not feel disillusioned when success doesn’t come right away…and it won’t!  Which brings us to the next point.

What Makes People Successful Online?

Here’s our thoughts on it from working with thousands of people all over the world

  • They see opportunities and figure out how to create solutions
  • When things don’t work out the first time they find better ways
  • They don’t give up…that’s where the hard work comes in

Hard work isn’t enough by itself alone. It’s much better to think about smart work instead of hard work because hours/weeks/years spent doing the wrong things isn’t going to get results…

Starting program after program and never doing the required work or study and without even giving it a fair chance is NEVER going to give you success

That’s the honest truth…

It drives us crazy because we see their potential yet they don’t and we’re really curious to hear your thoughts on this one

Do you agree that hard work is important but is not the full picture?

If you’ve had any success online we’d love to hear about it so please email us back or connect with us on social media and tell us…

But if you feel we can help you achieve what you want then reach out to us too and let’s talk

Thanks for reading our recipe for success for today

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