The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining

The Silver Lining

Every cloud has a silver lining so it’s said! And it means that when a situation seems to be desperate there is always hope for better things to come… the belief that even a very difficult situation has the potential to create a positive and beneficial result. 

And we have to believe 100% that this Coronavirus Pandemic will end and the world will return to some semblance of normality.

When we were out on our daily allowed self isolation walk here in Surrey UK we were going to record a video with out thoughts and funnily enough since it was a beautif sunny day we were going to call it THE SILVER LINING. Then our friend and entrepreneur Jeff Walker got there first with his video from walking in the woods near his home across the pond

The Silver Lining Message From Jeff Walker

It was lovely to hear his message of hope and that he was thinking as we are that he sees that the world is tilted in our direction as entrepreneurs

 “…if you have an online business, a virtual business, especially a training business, well it’s like the world’s tilted in our direction all of a sudden.  I’m not saying I’m happy about what’s going on (neither are we).  I don’t want to be a profiteer (neither do we).  I don’t want to exploit what’s going on (neither do we). But the reality is, if anyone was prepared for this, it’s those of us with an online/digital business.

The open rates are going up for emails, views are going up, consumption of videos is going up… I think that bodes well for the future of those businesses.”

He goes on to say that he fears, as we do, that the bad news is going to keep on getting worse for a while now but that the crazy coronavirus shocks have eased up

“…that if there’s ever a time where business had to happe, the time is now.  And I’m not saying it means get out there and sell, sell, sell, but you need to focus on your business.  We’re all focused on our business.  We’re all focused on our livelihood because in addition to everyone’s health the other big concern is everyone’s financial health.”

What we’re seeing due to what governments around us are imposing with self isolation and work from home instruction is that the world is tilting in our direction.

  • Universities are taking all their stuff online.
  • Primary schools are taking all their stuff online.
  • Big corporations are moving towards having heir people work virtually.

It’s all moving in the direction that we’ve been in for a while and we think it’s going to be fine when we get through this crisis.

He goes on to talk about something we talk about constantly with our students and clients too.

  • You have to build value.
  • You have to deliver value.
  • You get compensated for the value that you create

That’s our true belief and it’s his too.

We all get compensated for the value we create not the money or the time we put in.  Not even the effort we put in…just the value we create!

If you are currently out there promoting please please know it’s the value you create in that promotion that will come back to you in sales eventually

Your Silver Lining Plan As An Entrepreneur

Build value in your promotions. Build value in your publishing. Acknowledge what’s going on and tie it to what you’re doing and show up and be of service.

As the proverb “ever cloud has a silver lining” itself conveys

Stay positive at all time and never lose hope at any cost

Just as the sun’s rays try to peep through the sides of the cloud and create a fine silver lining all around the edges of the cloud in life we all go through bad phases but something good always comes out of even a bad situation.

We talked about this in our post An Entrepreneurs View Of Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic is the dark cloud but the silver lining which is humanity will shine through

We transferred our business skills online a decade ago when we saw (maybe a little early) that self education was the future and we will continue to build and grow that business using all the virtual skills we’ve acquired until such time as we can resume our physical workshops and masterminds

And in case you are new to our blog, our online education business is teaching entrepreneurs how to start and grow an online business in affiliate marketing, internet marketing and network marketing especially those beginning an encore career in or approaching retirement.

We built our traditional management consultancy business on providing value and service and we have done the same with our online business.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you get through the Coronavirus Pandemic in terms of your business or you need some help with introducing some of the technologies we’re all using in our business right now you can just drop us a message however you choose right here

Stay safe, follow your Government’s guidelines and stay positive – there is always a Silver Lining 🙂

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Until next time…

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The Silver Lining

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