Tips to Create An Internet Lifestyle

Tips to Create An Internet Lifestyle

So what does having an “internet lifestlye” mean – well in our opinion it is living the life of your dreams and most likely (depending on your personal situat

ion) earning a six figure income.

The Internet Lifestyle Starter Kit

Funnily enough, we were reading a blog post just the other day from entrepreneur Jay Kubassek …. here’s what he has to say about about the whole job versus becoming an entrepreneur. It’s the stuff we see and hear all the time as you probably do as well but it’s valueable information nonetheless. … and we love to hear and read other people’s opinions.

The cliché that you should go to school, study and get a good job afterwards (along with a bag of benefits) is a limiting factor. We’re living in the information age, where a single idea can settle a man or woman financially for the rest of their lives. Academic qualification has its place in this world, but not necessarily in the areas of making money and touching lives around the world.

I think the real education is outside of academic institutions. The real education you need is right where you are – in your environment: the people, events, news, technology, communication, business start ups, etc. You can learn so much from the above mentioned channels than in the four walls of a university.

All frustration is the result of the lack of a system: Finding a proven business system is the most lucrative step you can take towards making a dream come true. When properly approached, it’s going to make your success “sure-fire”. Those who live the Internet lifestyle today have specific, high-powered systems, not mere business enterprises.

  • Find an Already Successful “Real World” Mentor: Find someone who is already achieving the results that you want in a specific business and see if he or she would be willing to mentor you a few hours a month. If you could do this on your own you would have already done it. Trust me, you need a mentor.
  • Stop Hanging Out With Turkeys: Take a look around you and you will notice that your income is likely that of your ten closest friends and influences. It’s time to stop hanging out with the turkeys if you want to soar with the eagles. You will never outperform your self image and if you don’t believe in your heart that you are worth six-figures, you will never command it into being.
  • Don’t Reinvent the Wheel: There is no reason under the sun to make the same mistake that another entrepreneur has already made. Find a proven business system and stick with it.
  • Start With the End In Mind: Every day, week, month, quarter, year and
    decade should be planned out.
  • Set your goals for each and work backwardsfrom there. If you find yourself going in circles it’s because you don’t have a clear, specific, target that you are shooting for.
  • Persist Beyond Exception: A system is what guarantees financial freedom. A system stays even when the business is gone. Don’t make the mistake of chasing silver bullets or “get rich quick” solutions.
  • Stick with your plan and perfect your system. You will always come out ahead “


There are many systems in the internet which will provide you with the coaching and training that you need and you should check them out and see which one is right for you.

The things you should look for are:-

  • Where is the company located
  • How long have they been in business
  • Do they have a community
  • What sort of reviews do they have
  • Can you speak to your sponsor
  • What training do they provide

This is the due diligence that is necessary especially if you are considering spending a sizeable amount of money to join the platform/system.

Now, we’ve looked at quite a few of these systems since we have been working online and done our own “due diligence” and as many of you will know we are founder leaders of The Six Figure Mentors.

However our “Internet Lifestyle” business is in fact built on multiple streams of income – our 3 Legged Stool TM Model so we do look at other platforms and see if there is a fit and will they compliment our business. If they do then we bring them into our model – this was the case recently with Empower Network In fact we had to put out a post on Facebook to explain and we also recorded a video on it.

You should do the same once you have got your foundations in place.

So if you really really want that Internet Lifestyle – you’ve just got to make that choice and get started.

Chris and Susan SignatureChris and Susan Beesley

What systems have you looked at and why do they work for you?


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