To Tweet or Not to Tweet That is the Question

Shakespeare would not have said it quite like that but this is the 21st Century after all.

There is no doubt that Tweeting can bring rewards to your business but you have to build your brand and your reputation as an “expert” in your field first.

Let’s look at how it all comes together – it’s all about ‘followers’ and ‘following’.

How to get more twitter followers

Twitter can bring enormous benefits to your business enabling you to build up rewarding relationships for little effort – or it can be a colossal and frustrating waste of time!  It all depends on how you use it, and your ability to attract and engage followers.

If you’d like to get more Twitter followers, but feel a little mystified by the whole process, the following tips will help to guide you through the microblogging maze.

Be a follower first of all

To get more Twitter followers, you need to be a Twitter follower, but be selective.  Start off by following people in your industry or sector.  Look at the people they’re following, and follow any who interest you.  Repeat the process at intervals.  You can also use the search function to find people talking about the sort of subjects you’re interested in.  Follow them too.  The law of averages dictates that some will follow you back, but the important point is to follow people in whom you are genuinely interested.  Otherwise, why bother?

Share interesting stories and participate

A reputation for finding and sharing interesting and informative stories will do wonders for your followers list.  Retweeting other people’s findings is a good move too, as is joining in hashtag discussions.  This is what Twitter is about, after all.

Be your real, civilised self

One way to look at Twitter is as the online equivalent of a party.  The same rules of civilised discourse apply.  You wouldn’t talk about yourself all the time at a party, or talk about work all the time, or blatantly try to sell people stuff – at least, we hope you wouldn’t!  To get more Twitter followers, Tweet like a real, civilised human being; someone who is truly appreciative of other people and who understands what interests them.

Less is more

Hundreds and hundreds of automated Tweets a day will not bring you more followers, and it will rapidly alienate any followers you do have.  On the other hand, if you don’t Tweet enough, nobody will find you and your followers will lose interest.  As a general rule, Tweet when you have something interesting to say, and make sure you have something interesting to say a couple of times a day.

Quality not quantity

This brings us back to the first point, about being selective.  Getting thousands of Twitter followers isn’t the point.  Getting a couple of hundred who like what you say, and with whom you can form real relationships, is very much the point.

In the end, you get more Twitter followers the same way you get more friends – by getting involved and by being the sort of interesting, generous person people like to be friends with.

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With thanks to Anthony Sudbury for sharing a great article.

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