Top Storytelling Tips

Top Storytelling Tips

Top Storytelling TipsTop Storytelling Tips : The simplest way to develop a brand is to just tell your story.

When you talk about your background and the trials and tribulations you’ve been through, you will start to attract a like-minded following and earn those people’s trust.

This is exactly how we  have developed a strong and successful brand for our business.

In this video, filmed at a private mastermind in Cancun, we introduce our to storytelling tips

Our Top Storytelling Tips


Don’t just tell the entirety of your story with every little detail. You’ll take up too much time and bore people.

Instead, be strategic. Think about who in particular you are talking to, then tell the parts of your story that will be most relevant to them. This may even mean you have different versions of your story for different audiences.


Everyone has a story and a personal journey.

If you are willing to be vulnerable and share what challenges you’ve been through, your potential customers will relate to you. They are the people who are going through the same challenges right now.

Don’t be afraid to share your struggles and victories, and show how your life has changed.

People will relate to you and feel like they can trust you.

For instance when we finally knew we had to talk about our retirement predicament everything changed for us and people saw us not as successful management consultants but people just like them who had suffered from the recession


The most important part of your story is where you talk about the results you’ve created. Think of it like a “before and after” story.  In our WWW StoryTelling FormulaTM we use “What it was like” and “What it’s like now

Show examples of what your life was like before the transformation happened, show what changed and show what your life is like now.

When you talk up your results, you will build credibility and be seen as an expert and someone that can be trusted.


Finally, show your lifestyle. When people start to take an interest in your story, they will want to go behind the scenes of your life and be a fly on the wall … like seeing us riding on the beach in Costa Rica all paints the picture for them

This is exactly why reality shows took off, and there’s no reason you can’t put together your own kind of reality show.

When you show your lifestyle, even if it’s only in written form, you create a visual experience for your audience. This is entertaining, engaging and helps you to make sales

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